Our Sad ‘Fantasmes’ on TV!

‘The Young and the Restless ( Feux de L’amour)’-Soap Opera!

At a ex husband-lover ‘s funeral.

  • Woman : ‘I want apologize because I broke up your marriage’
  • Ex-wife :”No worries you manage to break it because it wasn’t going well”
  • Woman :”Still, I really did pursue your husband furiously when you were married!”
  • Ex-wife :” It’s ok,it was the best thing that happened for us- My life has changed so much for the better since we divorced, besides we get along better  as friends than when we were married!”

And all of this talked about as casually as possible!

This is the type of garbage that people watch on TV, over and over again, no wonder why !! This is the influence under which the World & Church values are!

This is their open, accepted ‘fantasmes’!


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