The waters!!!!

Yet again, the waters mentioned in verse 2 reappears now  in verse 6!

In the very beginning God created the universe “out of nothing” but something seemingly happened between verse 1 and 2 that messed up that whole “first” creation!

And when God comes back to it – it is now chaos= formless and desolate!

So God doesn’t create HE actually Re-creates from the left-over of the previous ?? Hence why there are already elements existing!

Remember Verse 2: 
..”The raging OCEAN that covered everything was engulfed in total DARKNESS, and the Spirit of God was moving over the WATER/ABYSS….”

first of all ,notice that interestingly ,”Ocean “and “water “are linked to “Darkness”!

Surely something was not of God in that dark water!

And the first thing you do in entering a dark place is to switch on the Lights……so God, does so ……He commanded the light to be !

Then He could start working on …Earth !

Once God ” turn on the lights” , He separates  it form the darkness and as usual ” all works For good ..” So he recycles the darkness into a useful tool for planet earth that is called ” night” …now it becomes a part of earth/ human /life’s cycle ……

thinking  about it — it is true that since forever ” darkness”  or the ” night”has a scary connotation to it” !

Darkness under any form has no part in Gods nature ! Just like ” sickness” doesn’t !,, 

It is not because we got used to something that it is ok!

Hence why in the new Earth with Jesus , there will be No darkness whatsoever! None!

Does that mean we will never sleep?oops!! No idea!!,;);)

Verse 6
“Then God said, “Let there be a space between the waters, to separate the waters of the heavens from the waters of the earth.”

First step, SPEAK,ORDER.COMMAND….GOD SAID…and it happened!

Again, it all start with a word spoken out ! Yes, let’s follow our father example …let’s speak the Word…not any word…the Word of God be spoken OUT!

Now ,what is that ” space that is being created? There is a space separating /between top and bottom waters….a space? Is that the air?

Having a hard time to visualise this happening … So, it’s like there is one big Block of water and God slices it into 2?
One slice remain the oceans and the other one the sky?
Whatever was in that mass of water got truly shaken…oh wait just thinking there is a verse that says that satan is ” the prince of the power of the air”hmmmm….interesting!!!

The skies are made of water? Hence maybe the rain…???

Anyway , God divided the 2 , now the picture is getting clearer!

 so we have light, now we have darkness being reduced at each step of creation! 

God is invading……

Invade FAther, take over , separate what is not of you in me, keep on speaking words of new creation in my life…in Jesus Name.:)


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