And God saw that the light was good (suitable, pleasant) and He approved it; and God separated the light from the darkness.
(Genesis 1:4 AMP)

“And God saw that the light was good (suitable, pleasant)…..”
Why does it say that God was ” pleased” , that “the light was good”…
The lighT was “good” and ….the darkness was “bad” !??
So there again , maybe a hint that there was an exiting darkness-evil-maleficent “presence” prior to Adam and Eve before the actual earth creation –
Something not of God ,was there …

As God steps in, he creates ” light” calls it ” good” as opposed to the “other thing”….

“….and He approved it; ….”
In this verse God makes sure that He doesn’t say that He approves of the day as it is- with the “day and night” result – what He approves of and declares “good” is the Light- only!
Important clue!

Definitely there was a dead-dark-kinda “world” there prior to Adam and Eve -earth creation…..
A world that was not part of heaven …
That was outside God’s beauty …

An somber habitation of something…..?

Interestingly – Gods presence was there already as the Holy Spirit was hovering- brooding- that’s GOD— BUT , IT seems that A word needed to be spoken out loud, a command needed to go out,a declaration needed to be heard and then things would get “activated” ….
“And God SAID…”
Same with us we have to SAY,DECLARE,COMMAND it ,and then it will happen…..but what we say is not our own authority – it is Gods word that we speak- His written, spoken, prophesied ,seed, promise Word – we speak it and the darkness moves away-flees!
Learn to Speak out loud the Word of God into my darkness , my heaviness, learn to call on the name of Jesus – who is the Light of the world….JESUS HELP!:)

Wherever God is not – there is Darkness!

..”and God separated the light from the darkness..”

Then ,he separates the two , he separates the light he just created to the darkness that obviously was alien…

The earth is being birth out of darkness into Light….always comes a separation in the process….just like when we get born again……

By His intervention/separation in this act of creation – God is pushing the darkness away…reducing its territory ?!?

SEPARATION – we need to separate ourselves from anything that is not of God.
We live in this world but we are not OF the world!
We need to be the influence and be influenced!

Send your light and your truth; may they lead me and bring me back to Zion, your sacred hill, and to your Temple, where you live. (Psalms 43:3


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