And God said, Let there be light; and there was light.
Genesis 1:3 AMP)



God invading the dark “us” !

Let us make a habit at speaking Light in All situation

We are the light of the world just as much as Jesus is..

We are his ambassadors

Light responds to light

Darkness flees from light

Interesting that there was actually “darkness” reigning in this part of Gods creation!?

Which brings us Back to the question ” what actually happened between verse 1 and 2?!”

Again it seems that God came to” reclaim” something that He no longer had dominion over( well probably not) ?….took care of?…abandon?

Something that was ” outside” Him,that He now wants to invade-reclaim-transform, make His dwelling!?!?!



This “Light”  is not the Sun! IT IS A GOD LIGHT!

Omg!!!!!!! This is so important !!

The sun was created way after-When God was making the Earth fit for living!!!!

So this Light that first came into in the scene was spiritual – !!!!

What first took place in the (re-)creation of earth was spiritual- darkness was reigning in that ” region” and God came and the first thing He does is put the stamp of His presence—- which is LIGHT……GOD IS LIGHT! JESUS is the Light of the world! We are the light of the World!

The whole balance of the existence of the universe as we know it – is the war between light and darkness!!!!!

The darkness found in the waters that was there was not Physical it was evil! It was spiritual…… So God tackled the issue with a spiritual response -the light of the World- himself —the trinity !,,

Hence why until the creation of the sun no light is needed !!!!!!!! Omgggggg!!!!!! Yes! It s the same scenario as when God says in revelation that we will not need sun in the new earth-He-Himself will be our Light!

SOOOOOO, GOD is the one sustaining everything in the universe as proved in the first few verses of genesis- the physical element are great but without them Life can keep on just by God presence sustaining it!!! But the opposite is impossible!

If the Sun dies GOd can still sustain life on earth thru his presence but if GOd leaves the earth- everything will die!! Cause it’s a spiritual world in the first place that we are in,,,,hence why GOd says ” that we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces…..etc…”!!!!

Hence why the first couple verses of genesis are actually about God talking to the surrounding spiritual darkness —-

THIS IS SUCH POWERFUL REVELATION  !!!SO LIFE CHANGING!!!! Father open my eyes that I may see…!


I think that it really shows that somehow there was evil/ darkness existing before EArth ( in genesis )was even created….and maybe that God created the human universe ” to carry  GOd’presence” in the middle of that darkness ….

Verse 1-2 Holy Spirit hovering…meaning that it wasn’t abandoned but as well not yet dealt with !

Gods timing is now ripe- time to put some order in that dark-chaos and the first thing God does is speak LIGHT! ……to “see” clearly maybe…(of course not for God to see, but maybe for whichever  creatures were hanging there!,,)))

To blind them and let them know – their reign is over!

In Revelation :

There shall be no more night, and they will not need lamps or sunlight, because the Lord God will be their light, and they will rule as kings for ever and ever. (Revelation 22:5 

Night-darkness-ain’t of God!- wherever God is – it s bright! Shining…

Hence why I think that the darkness exiting prior to the creation of earth is indicating that something went wrong some point!


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