March on my my mind…

[March 31 Sun]
07:49 AM
Happy-clappy-sloppy-slippery Christianity that’s the trend that needs to be overturned!

07:11 AM
Once it was religion, the it was the Academy now it s celebrities that are influencing the world! Ravi Zacharias

05:52 AM
The Vatican thrives in globalization
It reminds him of its old time power….. Saddly those times are coming back full force!

[March 30 Sat]
06:36 AM
He went on the Cross to make the Way, Now I take my cross and Follow Him.

06:26 AM
The Cross seems to have disappeared from teaching and Christian living.

[March 29 Fri]
07:02 AM
Jesus is on the Rise in China
China is on the Rise Internationally!

Jesus is in the low in America
America is on the low Internationally!

Economics are secondary!

[March 28 Thu]
07:28 AM
When it comes to finding a church – Easy clue!- when the Focus is off Jesus , I am out!

07:10 AM
The Vatican has understood that being in the News is Power! Best PR Team ever! Well they’ve been at it for a while!back in the popular game!

[March 26 Tue]
07:09 AM
The world don’t know Christ and thus behave accordingly
The church know Christ and don’t behave accordingly!

06:00 AM
Man resilience is a myth! The Only resistance to Evil in this world is God ! Only through Him does men conquer!

05:57 AM
The only Good on this planet is God!

05:21 AM
Love is the most fragile Power that is!

[March 25 Mon]
06:52 AM
You can’t be a Christian and don’t offend anyone,
If so, you are compromising somehow!

06:02 AM
Stop calling people ‘strangers’ when you bump into them,when you haven’t cared and pursued  enough their friendship. Be Genuine!

My appreciation of our friendship is not based on what you do for me or how many times you’ve been there for me ….No, I made up my mind , to choose you regardless.

[March 24 Sun]
09:27 AM
Toute souffrance est une souffrance
All suffering is suffering!

[March 23 Sat]
06:09 AM
From the start ,Work hard at keeping alive  your first love or you will have to work harder at gaining it back!

[March 19 Tue]
10:07 AM
I’d rather have a great future than a great past!

[March 18 Mon]
04:29 PM
Mondialisation: l’Étau se resserre,
La tour de Babel se reforme!

Reconstruction de la tour de Babel!

Globalization: Tower of Babel being rebuilt!

04:25 PM
If God doesn’t exist ,
Love doesn’t exist!

07:42 AM
  L’être humain ne crée rien , il est simplement inspirer! Il y 3 sources d’inspiration, Dieu ,le diable et l’amalgame quand fait l’homme.

Men don’t create anything,they are is simply inspired.There are 3 sources of inspiration God,the devil and the hotch·potch that men make.

07:38 AM
If you care about me only when i care about you then i dont care about you cause it means that you will only be there for me when i am able to give you sth back !

[March 17 Sun]
12:29 PM
Que Dieu existe n’est pas  une experience personelle ,c’est un fait!

That God exists is not just a personal experience, it’s a Fact!

04:32 AM
Whenever I get close to God,
I get close to Gods will
and I get close to you
because You are God’s will

[March 16 Sat]
08:23 AM
@RichardDawkins: Ability to choose the sex of your baby will soon be widely available. What will be the future effect on those religions that despise women?

08:20 AM
@RichardDawkins: You are an ape not a monkey, but you are descended from a monkey. And a fish.

With intellectual leaders like that , you wonder why men behave like animals!

[March 12 Tue]
05:30 AM
Don’t let Big Promises become burdens
As soon as it gets heavy
Something is fishy
Time to reassess!

[March 11 Mon]
08:26 AM
Do not condemn me for something you are  guilty of!

[March 8 Fri]
02:44 PM
There is a hidden weakness in men…
There is a hidden strength in women ..

08:01 AM
Liberté sans idendité égale Vanité !

Freedom without Idendity leads to Vanity!
Hello Feminism!

[March 7 Thu]
06:49 AM
When definitions are left in the hands of men – Confusion and Chaos follows!

[March 4 Mon]
12:07 PM
An empty mind is the devil’s playground
You thought that God and the devil were at war for your life- they are at war for your mind.It is dangerous to have our mind on auto-pilot.
Pastor Todd Crews

[March 3 Sun]
10:53 PM
On peut croire en Dieu tout en étant fâché contre lui!
Inspecteur Lewis

09:44 AM
Mixed feelings about the coming refreshment : Euphorie, Réalisme & Responsabilité

[March 2 Sat]
07:50 PM
Telenovella: marijuana intellectuelle: abêtissement de la masse

[March 1 Fri]
07:14 AM
L’incapacité de L’humanité a se sauver elle même est d’une évidence…


“What’s been on my mind Today?-My new Series.

Every day we hear ,listen,read, see and think -we get fed by thoughts, ideas, worldviews, beliefs,unbelief ,assertions,theories …. whether aware or not!
This series is about those Random/Intended thoughts – mine and those I hear/read along the day!
They are raw impulsive musings – especially mine- sometimes only making sense in my context ! The wording is often weak! Most are -spontaneous reflections in their ‘embryonic’ form that will eventually get their own post once they reach full term!

SO,What’s been on my mind Today ?


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