Joycy Bits

Self-Control Part I-

TV Audio Podcast

Joyce Meyer

  • Self-Control is all about Balance!
  • The Fruit of Self-Control is in you but the only way its going to get stronger is if you use it .You exercise it and the word “exercising” means “to use”.You have muscles in your body that you don’t even know that you have because they are hidden.
  • Self-Control is a fruit that is only developed under trials-Every you have something happens that you don’t like ,you get to say : “Oh good , I get to practice Self-Control”.
  • The reason why people don’t want to serve God- the reason why there is so much lukewarmness in the church  is because people don’t want to have any restraints on their life.That’s why even some of our modern preaching have been watered-down to the point,where it really does not confront anybody’s behavior ,because ‘leaders’ are afraid that people might not come back to church.
  • There’s time for Encouragement,Edification but there’s also time for Rebuke and Correction!

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