FEBRUARY on My Mind…

[February 28 Thu]
07:01 AM
Le jugement de Dieu est le seul espoir contre l’Inhumanite des Hommes!

God’s judgment is the only hope against inhumanity of men

[February 26 Tue]
07:29 AM
Sacrifice of Ego = LOVE!—Ego and Love don’t match!

If your ego is stronger than your claim to love – u ain’t ready for L.O.V.E!

06:35 AM
Failure is the best heart-Revealer:)

06:03 AM
It is not in crisis that men’s heart is revealed ,its in routine!

Ce ne sont pas dans les crises que la nature de l’homme se revele mais dans la routine!

05:59 AM
Failed Friendships is often plagued with a lot of intention with no actions….

05:15 AM
Trop marre de me contenter des miettes qui tombent de la table…

[February 23 Sat]
06:00 AM
Its not the experience that counts but the definition…..!!!

05:03 AM
Be aware of the difference between Friends and Social Friends…and Navigate your Vulnerability accordingly….

[February 22 Fri]
07:31 AM
Definition de la Violence selon l’homme : la baffe
Selon la femme la langue !

05:37 AM
Il faut se mefier autant des critiques des hommes que de leur louanges! Know who you are!

[February 21 Thu]
07:55 AM
The more Freedom , The More Self Control..
The More Self- Control the more Freedom ..

[February 20 Wed]
09:49 AM

“I struggle with the grace message that takes away responsabilty.Because I think that we co-labour with God.
When Jesus said “It is finished! He didn’t say you are finished!
Kris Vallotton

08:31 AM
La bible nest pas un livre de chevet
C’est un livre d’etudes!

07:44 AM
Dieu cree , le Diable plagit et les Hommes imitent…

God creates, the Devil plagiarizes and men imitate….

06:50 AM
You don’t get L.O.V.E without having Faith!
How accurate is that?

06:27 AM
Obsessed with God promises….

06:12 AM
There’s a difference between Seeds and Skills!

05:44 AM
Staying on the Narrow Road keeps you fit!

05:21 AM
Id rather hang out with people of the world than with Wordly christians-there is something draining about social church type of friendship!

[February 19 Tue]
05:40 AM
  Total Freedom is only manageable with great self-control!

05:10 AM
Is the new way from psychologist to explain evil and good in someone
The sasha and beyonce myth/ syndrome

05:09 AM
I wanna be like Jesus
The lion and the lamb’s genes.
The church Nowdays is too lambishtik!

04:47 AM
Interestingly enough Pride and Fear get along very well!

04:47 AM
Assess your friendships and do like Jesus – don’t take EVERYone to  Mount Transfiguration!

[February 13 Wed]
07:29 AM
Feel like a total looser

06:55 AM
Feeling so abandoned by God…
Left behind…
Left out…
Alone against it all…

[February 12 Tue]
09:00 AM
The pathway to promise was through the wilderness.

r. The wilderness is a place of trial and testing, deprivation and doubt. In the wilderness of unmet needs, what do we do? Who will we turn to? In what, or in whom, will we place our trust?

[February 10 Sun]
10:25 AM
Le Rouge , la couleur du sang, de l’ame, de L’humanite, mais l’humanite en a fait la couleur de la peur, du mal a l’etat pur, du  Diable! Triste tres triste !
Le rouge vous va si bien!!! *CarnavalMardiGras

06:57 AM
Giving up is such tempting option….:(

[February 8 Fri]
07:07 AM
There’s nothing worse than to hang out with dead Christians
I’d rather hang out with dead people at least they are consistent!

[February 6 Wed]
06:23 AM
Ya des gens qui ont Le sourire facile — moi j’ai Le rire facile

05:57 AM
Une demande pleine de “bon sens”, un petit aperçu de la “nouvelle civilization Pour Tous “que nous sommes en train de preparer….

[February 5 Tue]
06:17 AM
I am sure that during those 40 years in the Wilderness Moses thought :” My life is so average!” . That because He didn’t know what God was getting up to….

[February 4 Mon]
05:59 AM
Lord, I know that I am asking Too Much, but I can’t help it, I know How Big and Generous You are! #ITIsWritten

[February 3 Sun]
07:08 AM
When parents talk abt divorce it’s the first seed of doubt about God’ s goodness that they are sowing into their children…

06:50 AM
Une fois Le “marriage pour tous” accepté….
Rien ne pourra arrêter les autres deformitees de revendiquer…

[February 2 Sat]
05:55 AM

How Can I be so sure of something that I am so senseless about….and  is getting more and more Impossible to see fulfilled ?? #blindtrust

05:36 AM
So you wanna get married,Get used to be naked! *Vulnerability!

05:08 AM
C’mon Christians us your brain , surely God gave it for such time as this 🙂

04:37 AM
Be Still and Know that I am,JESUS, the one who not only walks on water, but who created the seas!;)

04:32 AM
Souvent Dieu nous donne Le minimum pour qu’il est Le maximum de gloire

Often God loves to give the minimum us to ” work with” that He might get the Maximum Glory…..:)

[February 1 Fri]
05:24 PM


“What’s been on my mind Today?-My new Series.

Every day we hear ,listen,read, see and think -we get fed by thoughts, ideas, worldviews, beliefs,unbelief ,assertions,theories …. whether aware or not!
This series is about those Random/Intended thoughts – mine and those I hear/read along the day!
They are raw impulsive musings – especially mine- sometimes only making sense in my context ! The wording is often weak! Most are -spontaneous reflections in their ‘embryonic’ form that will eventually get their own post once they reach full term!

SO,What’s been on my mind  ?


In marriage Gods intention was to create the Best-Human-Friendship!


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