December 2012

“What’s been on my mind Today?-My new Series.

Every day we hear ,listen,read, see and think -we get fed by thoughts, ideas, worldviews, beliefs,unbelief ,assertions,theories …. whether aware or not!
This series is about those Random/Intended thoughts – mine and those I hear/read along the day!
They are raw impulsive musings – especially mine- sometimes only making sense in my context ! The wording is often weak! Most are -spontaneous reflections in their ‘embryonic’ form that will eventually get their own post once they reach full term!

SO,What’s been on my mind Today ?

05:38 AM
2012-2013 : I shall leave 2011 the way I wanna enter 2013- in Peace …..Peacefully sleeping !

04:49 AM
2013: Love,Love,Love, The Power of HIS LOVE that defines All !

[December 29 Sat]
01:07 AM
You know when it’s time to start educate a child
As soon as he starts showing signs of Indépendance- do-it-my-way- I am-the-boss-character!

[December 24 Mon]
08:33 AM
It takes more than a “Hi, How are you?” To get to know someone !

08:31 AM
My 2013 diet: milk, honey …

08:31 AM
Everyone can do the steps but not everyone can dance!;)

06:45 AM
I love self control , it prevents from so many heartache 🙂

[December 23 Sun]
05:43 AM
God is an expert in turning mistakes into blessings..

[December 19 Wed]
05:52 AM
Just as Victoria Soto put herself in the way so that the children in her class might live, Jesus Christ put himself in the way that we all might live. That is the beginning of the cure for us as individuals and as a nation. All the laws in the world will never change the heart. Only God is big enough for that.
Ravi Zacharias

05:48 AM
The Bible only speaks of one remedy for this: the transformation of the heart by making Christ the center. Those who mock the simplicity of the remedy have made evil more complex and unexplainable. Every heart has the potential for murder. Every heart needs a redeemer.
Ravi Zacharias

05:42 AM
As for the entertainment world, what does one even say at a time like this? Calling for gun control and then entertaining the masses with bloodshed is only shifting the locus from law to entertainment. Do our entertainers ever pause to ask what debased values emerge from their stories? The death of decency is audible and visible in what passes as movie entertainment and political speech. This is the same culture that wishes to take away Nativity scenes and Christmas carols from our children. God is evicted from our culture and then He is blamed for our carnages.
Freedom is not just destroyed by its retraction. It is destroyed even more painfully by its abuse.
Ravi Zacharias

05:24 AM
“But it’s always easier to deal with the symptoms rather than with the cause.”
Ravi Zacharias

05:24 AM
“Our young are listening. Remember that what you win them with is what you win them to.”
Ravi Zacharias

[December 15 Sat]
07:04 PM
South Korea has the highest suicidal rate in the world
Just heard!

06:48 AM
Weird when atheist like Richard Dawkins gets emotional at gun-shooting massacre -I find it quite a contradiction!  as If atheism is true ,life has no meaning!


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