But the LORD God called to the man, “Where are you?”

But the LORD God called to the man, “Where are you?”

They were “hiding” ….

God is “seeking”…

Hide and Seek,”Game”- Beginning of a relational pattern between heaven & Earth that is on still today…

“Death” Sentence has fallen upon Adam and Eve ,
But what is it? What is Death???
They never experienced or witnessed it before!
Though,they do know that it is NOT GOOD !!
Otherwise God would not have warned and protected them of/from it!

But they don’t really know what to expect,even though the first Impact is overwhelmingly Sour and Powerful -enough for them to “dread” more consequences….

Nonetheless , they can now sense/see a difference,a new nature ,new Emotions,new feelings,the most Impressive ones being “Shame” and “Fear”!

Something has indeed died within them,even though they don’t fully understand it , they Know!

The ingested Poison is being digested and symptoms ( fear, shame, lies,denial,cowardice,pride,are ‘multiplying’ at a fast rate ..


God knew where they were hiding….so Why does HE ask? …They knew that GOD knew where they were—so Why were they hiding???…

For Adam & Eve:

  • I personally think that this is one most common symptom of separation with GOD, their ‘sense of Reality’ is gone ,they are confused people, now lead by primitive instincts ( cowardice-fear -shame-excuses ) inherited from their new father the devil ,basic common sense is lost.

For GOD:

  • He questioned to prompt them to consider where they were at …,
  • God will never force Himself on us, He has created us with free will HE always calls -first-and we must respond , only then the Interaction can begin ,and eventually turns into a relationship..
  • So when He asked them” where they are? HE is testing for honesty and a desire for interaction/intimacy??!! ,which are probably the main ingredients to begin a ‘good’ communication…

Our  God is always gently knocking at  the door of our hearts to see if we are willing to even talk to Him, always pursuing us…and HIS Presence always reveals our position….

  1. Also , God by asking that question ,made them realize that their ‘covering’ was inadequate,however hard they try /we , EVERYTHING is laid Bare before GOD, we are All NAKED!
  • Fashion is one of the way that Human beings have invented to hide their vulnerability, but God sees thru that,whatever trendy designs men have come up with ,it’s all rags before God -HE sees the real us!
  • He sees Everything we are trying to hide from others – He sees our baldness( under our wigs), our wrinkles( under our facelift), our fatness (without spandex), our skinniness( under puffed out clothes) ,the bags under our eyes (no concealer),the cavities, the ulcers and most of All this awful disease that kills all of us -SIN!
  • Designer clothes/Fashion are as inefficient as it fig leaves ancestors!
  • Judging by our appearance ,usually people don’t know where we are at – because we have become master-Illusionist and almost always project to protect ourselves.
  • Only very few when asking ” how are you ?” ” where are you at?”, want a sincere answer, its more of a routine-diplomatic question, a little care is genuinely attached to it-but when GOD asks, He means it , He cares..When He asks , He means to Help!
  • When people ask, we can do a few tricks to “hide & cover” , but when God asks, His presence burns All petty human-made-covering, reveals All ,bring Truth and requires change…..

So to the question “Where are you? “, men we can fool , God we cannot , cause He knows exactly where we are, and its not a good place! He wants to get us out of there!

to the All Knowing GOD who asks ” where are you ” we respond , We are Here, Lord, please help us !
—HE is still calling out…..



GENESIS 3: 10…Not yet




  1. God sees us and knows everything. He wants us to seek Him in prayer and to be in His Word. That is the only way we can be ready to serve Him when He calls.
    Psalm 139:1-4
    You have searched me, Lord,
        and you know me.
    2 You know when I sit and when I rise;
        you perceive my thoughts from afar.
    3 You discern my going out and my lying down;
        you are familiar with all my ways.
    4 Before a word is on my tongue

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