NON,à la Nonchalance!


Enough with that emotions-led-life!

Unending ups and downs according to feelings!

If I feel like doing it , I’ll do it , and if I don’t, I won’t!

Enough with that  Lower Life!

I feel intoxicated by an invisible drug-that controls me !

The LIFE of God is different,way more Powerful and *Inebranlable! *Steadfast

Self-Control is the Leading God-given skill to ALL other Gifts of the Spirit!

I am way to lazy, way to Nonchalant..I am just expecting things to happen without PROACTIVELY PURSUING them!

That is Not the Biblical way of Life!

I need to change, I need to stop and change…..

I need to hang out more at the throne of Grace and get seriously serious about God, God in Me!


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