IF GOD is dead..!

Ravi Zacharias is featured in a new video from Focus on the Family  explaining how we got to this state of moral decline in our society.

Full Transcript:

How we got to where we are today…It has not happened without warnings, that is for sure.
If I were to take one hinge on which this slide was hanging, I would say it was Fredric Nietzsche the German Philosopher.

When he popularized the phrase “God is dead”, and uh [unintelligible] in the 19th century he said then we are going to live either with megalomania or erotomania: the drive for pleasure or the drive for power, the clenched fist or the phallus, Hitler or Hugh Hefner. It’s exactly what happened. (Malcolm Muggeridge)

Going back even slightly before Nietzsche, Charles Darwin in his Descent of Man…Darwin had said that if his Naturalistic Framework were taken as a scaffolding for metaphysical extrapolations and judgments and so on, he said the violence that would break out would be unparalleled.   

Because if Naturalism is all we have, man is nothing more than nature, then we have got no moral framework to look to.  He talked about the violence that would come. Nietzsche said that the 20th century would become the bloodiest century in history, because of the philosophical ramifications of the death of god. So how did we get here?

 We got here starting off by killing god, then killing ethics, now we are killing men.


Click here for an intersting counter-argument!


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