God Loves….

The Hiding Place -sermon by Jim Cymbala


  • “One of the deepest pain, to love and not be loved back !”
  • “To love someone is to risk yourselves”—
  • “You always measure LOVE by the quality of the Gift, whenever you love someone ,you wanna give ,LOVE gives,God so loved the World that HE Gave…..”
  • ” Crucifixion” wasn’t the worse way that Jesus died …thousands were crucified before and after Him, Tradition tells us that Peter was possibly crucified upside down! But the Agony of Christ was about that at some moment the sins that you and I have commited were laid upon HIM…..He became Sin, we dont really understant it but HE Bore OUr sins…this was Gods son…His Only Son…..this surpasses Knowledge!!”—
  • HIS love is stronger than my pain….

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