And they heard the sound of the Lord God walking ( about) in the garden in the cool ( wind) of the day, and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God among the trees of the garden.

  1. “And they HEARD the sound of the Lord God WALKING ( about) in the garden”
  • WALKING ABOUT-No SHOUT! No THUNDER! No “DESTRUCTIVE””Behavior”, NO JUDGMENT!! This is amazing!!After what they had done GOD is not “coming down” on Them! You would think that the Universe would ‘register violently’ what had just happened- with LOUD signs in the Heavens & Earth- similar to when JESUS died on the cross,with  ‘Earthly-Manifestations= Earthquakes” : Matthew 27-50  
  • But No,GOD came walking, No Vengeance-Walk,Not Angry,Not Haste, but a peaceful walk – —there is a SWEETNESS to it! There, I recognize my Merciful-Long-suffering-Gracious-Loving GOD! HE is the same Yesterday , Today and Forever!
  • The way God ‘handled’ the situation shows that our GOD is first and foremost Relational !-They Knew each other! It was not the case of ‘a’ ‘DISTANT GOD’ coming to ‘deal’ with His ‘Creatures’. It was the exact opposite- a Very ‘close-personal’ GOD….A first glimpse into one of God’s fundamental character’s trait- that is – His Proximity!
  • It is when things goes wrong that our character shines or dims….
  • A Great tip/example for ALL Relationships – when something goes wrong – No need to INSTANTLY come strong on the person who committed the fault- spouse-kids-friends-collegues-family…Instead ‘keep it ‘peaceful/cool’ engaging in Communication’ ,maybe ,beginning  with a simple …’walk-talk..’
  • GOD came to them fully knowing that eventually HE will be the one paying for what they had just done…!
  • They HEARD GOD WALKING, that implies GOD in a BODILY FORM“??!!
  • Could it be JESUS ???
  • Teophanie? Pre-Incarnate Christ?
  • I wonder what the time-lapse is between the fall and when God came to see them ? When reading the context it looks like God was used to come down and hang out with them around that time of the day ….
  • Garden of Eden : Pleasure ,Freedom
  • Garden of Gethsemane : Suffering,Obedience
  • Could it be interpreted as a daily appointment ?
  • Could it be a reference to a specific time?
  • GOD often reveals His presence in the wind as in : 1Kings 19-11 ; Job 38:1 ; John 3:8
  • Wind = Ruwach = Breath = Spirit …?
  • used in Genesis  1-2 …and the Spirit of God—–Genesis 6-3…My Spirit shall not always…..Genesis 7-15….the breath of life….Genesis 8-11..God made a wind to pass over….Genesis 41-8..In the morning that His psirit was…Exodus 31-3…filled him witht he Spirit of God….Numbers 5-14…And the Spirit of Jealousy….Numbers 11-25…and took of the spirit that was upon him….
  • Prior to the Fall, when they heard God, it was ‘Good News’ ,they probably would run towards HIM,but now something major has changed which will characterize the Interaction between Heaven and Earth….God and Mankind….
  • Humanity is now ‘hiding” from their Creator,God, after that deadly bite came shame, guilt, fear,cowardliness, from now on they would use anything at hand ( trees..) as a barrier between them and their Creator—something was indeed broken…..
  • Trees ,first resort to attempt cover their shame in the Garden = Man’s way...
  • A Tree, at Golgotha,Only Way to remove their shame = God’s way!
  • It is obvious that one cannot hide from an All Seeing God, but the poisonous bite had clouded their reasoning,foolishness was spreading and instead of becoming ‘all knowing” as promised they became ‘dumby’! A dumbness which characterizes all of Humanity – otherwise called a folly’… they hide behind trees from the Creator of Trees….how Dumb!!
  • Have you ever noticed how stupid we can  act when caught red-handed???
  • The “Hide and Seek” Game ,GOD vs Men, has now begunHumans Hiding ( attempting) and GOD seeking ( always)……


GENESIS 3: 9…not yet


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