Brother Osteen wasnt born “gay”!!!

Evangelical Christian pastor Joel Osteen attempted to defend his views on homosexuality in a televised interview Thursday, saying that he believes homosexuality is a sin and not “God’s best.” Toward the end of the interview, Osteen affirmed that he did not “choose” to have an heterosexual orientation.

Osteen began the interview by referencing his new book, I Declare: 31 Promises to Speak Over Your Life, saying that his goal as a pastor is to lift his congregants up, and instill a good sense of self-image in each one of his service attendees.

Soledad O’Brien, host of CNN’s “Starting Point,” then steered the conversation toward the subject of homosexuality, asking Osteen if he believes that homosexuality is a sin.

Osteen responded by telling O’Brien that although he does believe that homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible, he does not focus on the subject in his sermons as much as he does in interviews.

“It seems like in Christianity, sometimes we categorize sin,” Osteen explained. “I mean pride is a sin, being critical is a sin, being negative is a sin.”

“I don’t think [homosexuality is] God’s best,” he added.

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O’Brien then asked Osteen, “You would say, the Scripture says homosexuality is a sin?”

“Exactly,” Osteen agreed.

The conversation then turned to panel member Richard Socarides, a writer for The New Yorker and former Bill Clinton adviser.

“Do you think you can choose to be gay or not gay? You think you choose to be straight?” Socarides asked the megachurch pastor.

“I know I have not chosen to be straight, I feel like that’s who I am,” Osteen responded.

“I don’t understand all those issues so, you know, I try to stick on the issues I do understand. I know this: I’m for everybody, I’m not for pushing people down. … I don’t know where the fine line is, but I do try to stay in my lane,” Osteen added.


I just cut and copy the article and link to the video here for future viewing- as for now I dont have the strenght to tackle it–

Just the thought of such a powerful- brother being so compromising makes me wanna throw up and doesn’t encourage me to stand up for God ….on anyhting!!!



Today September 25 th I finally got myself to listen to the interview, I Couldn’t go past half of it . I stopped at when one of the guy said to him ‘there is big debate on what the scriptures says ( abt homosex) and he replied yes there is!!….
to the great satisfaction of the questionner……….

my heart was aching too much , I couldnt get past that point…

but as I am writing that , and commenting on it , I must go back and finish the viewing….I have a responsability to do so !

I did it ….it was Sickening!! Very Sad!!

Brother Jo, has a reoutation to be a peaceful and kind man of God, but one cannot be more peaceful or kind than Jesus was !


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