‘Joycy’ Bits…;oD

Collecting ‘Juicy’ Bits while Listening to Joyce Podcast.

  • Self-Control is All about Balance!
  • All of the Fruits of the Holy Spirit-Love,peace etc…, are all held in place by Self-Control! So Self-Control is fundamental
  • Self-control is a fruit that is developed under trials!
  • Self-Control is the ability to delay Gratification, for a future pleasure!
  • The reason why people don’t want to serve God , is because they don’t want to have any restraints on their lives!
  • Even Our modern Christian teaching have been watered down to the point where it doesn’t confront anybody’s behavior,because leaders are afraid of people not coming back!
  • I can’t preach “dessert” All the time, people die if they eat only dessert! You gotta eat meat,veggies etc,,gotta train yourself to like them- To Grow!!
  • Love is not a feeling ,it’s a willing.;)
  • New Level! New devil!
  • Sometimes we pay a High price for a cheap Thrill.

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