Beauty with a touch ….

[July 7 Sat]
10:21 AM
Marriage is not hard! It’s hard work!It’s not for the lazy!
It’s the hardest of all Human relationships! The most powerful!

10:21 AM
There is beauty waiting to be used in all brokenness 🙂

07:20 AM
In’ arranged marriage’ they compare their matching core values!
In ‘chemistry marriage’ they go by their impulsive emotions!

06:59 AM
Check this out: a friend just had a dream about me – she has no idea about My craft or the any business plan I would have!- her dream :”Not too sure where and I was visiting you, I also had to line up as where you worked (some form of business you’d started was booming) was really busy & it was usually hard to get in but you saw me because you knew me etc…. No specific details sorry, but just generally like that……….

YES!!! God spoke to me thru my friends dream!He confirmed!! Feeling so encouraged-Needeed it ! Now I can keep at it with renewed focus!

06:55 AM
“…The first symptom of true love in a man is timidity, in a young woman, boldness. This is surprising, and yet nothing is more simple. It is the two sexes tending to approach each other and assuming each the other’s qualities.”
― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables

06:14 AM
Le tourment d’amour!

05:00 AM
Marriage : Intimacy Impact: The power and fragility found in being one with someone.

04:32 AM
Size doesn’t matter!
Sensitivity fueled with true love is more pleasure giving!


“What’s been on my mind Today?-My new Series.

Every day we hear ,listen,read, see and think -we get fed by thoughts, ideas, worldviews, beliefs,unbelief ,assertions,theories …. whether aware or not!
This series is about those Random/Intended thoughts – mine and those I hear/read along the day!
They are raw impulsive musings – especially mine- sometimes only making sense in my context ! The wording is often weak! Most are -spontaneous reflections in their ‘embryonic’ form that will eventually get their own post once they reach full term!

SO,What’s been on my mind Today ? Scroll up !:)


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