Oh Cinderalla!!!- (Why Revival Tarries?)

Chapter 1

With All Thy Getting, Get Unction

by Leonard Ravenhill

Highlights :

  • The Cinderella of the church of today is the prayer meeting. This handmaid of the Lord is unloved and unwooed because she is not dripping with the pearls of intellectualism, nor glamorous with the silks of philosophy; neither is she enchanting with the tiara of psychology. She wears the homespuns of sincerity and humility and so is not afraid to kneel!
  • Prayer is conditioned by one thing alone and that is spirituality.
  • One does not need to be spiritual to preach, that is, to make and deliver sermons of homiletical perfection and exegetical exactitude. By a combination of memory, knowledge, ambition, personality, plus well-lined bookshelves, self-confidence, and a sense of having arrived-”brother, the pulpit is yours almost anywhere these days.
  • Preaching of the type mentioned affects men; prayer affects God. Preaching affects time; prayer affects eternity.
  • The pulpit can be a shopwindow to display our talents; the closet speaks death to display. The tragedy of this late hour is that we have too many dead men in the pulpits giving out too many dead sermons to too many dead people.
  • A sermon born in the head reaches the head; a sermon born in the heart reaches the heart.
  • Preacher, with all thy getting—get unction. Unction will pierce and percolate; it will sweeten and soften. When the hammer of logic and the fire of human zeal fail to open the stony heart, unction will succeed.
  • By our attitude to prayer we tell God that what was begun in the Spirit we can finish in the flesh.
  • Away with this palsied, powerless preaching which is unmoving because it was born in a tomb instead of a womb, and nourished in a fireless, prayerless soul. We may preach and perish, but we cannot pray and perish. If God called us to the ministry, then, dear brethren, I contend that we should get unctionized. With all thy getting get unction, lest barren altars be the badge of our unctionless intellectualism.

“What is unction? I hardly know. But I know what it is not -Preaching without unction kills instead of giving life.”—It is true it might be hard to define ‘Unction’ but it is easy to recognize it !

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  1. Elesse

    The above statement is true of what’s happening in churches today, i’ll have to get the book!!

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