Holy,Holy,Holy is He!

Chapter 3- Why Revival Tarries-by Leonard Ravenhill-

” A Call for Unction in the Pulpit-Action in the Pew!


  • There are 2 indispensable factors to successful christian living-They are vision and passion.
  1. Verse -5-, WOE, a word of confession;
  2.  verse -7-, LO, a word of cleansing;
  3. verse -9-, GO, a word of commission.
  • It was an :
  1. upward vision – he saw the Lord;
  2. and inward vision – he saw himself,
  3. and an outward vision – he saw the world.
  1. It was a vision of height – he saw the Lord high and lifted up.
  2.  A vision of depth – he saw the recesses of his own heart.
  3. And a vision of breadth – he saw the world.
  1. A vision of holiness Oh beloved! How this generation of believers needs the vision of God in all His holiness!
  2.  A vision of hellishness- “I am undone,… unclean!”
  3. and a vision of hopelessness – implied by the words “Who will go for us?”
  • Synthetic religion must go!
  • We need a vision of Holy God-God is essentially Holy.The Cherubim and seraphims were not crying,” Omnipotent! Omnipotent is the Lord,! “nor ” Omnipresent! and Omniscient! is the Lord,but Holy !Holy Holy!”-This vast hebrew concept needs to penetrates our souls again!

Next: ” Where are the Elijahs of God?”—soon


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