And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.

“And the eyes of them both were opened,”

  • What does that mean? were there eyes closed? to which extent? their eyes were closed to Evil? Their eyes were closed not to the natural world, obviously?, but to the Spiritual world? They already knew that they were naked prior to the fall! So what is it?
  • Was this a dimension where the spiritual and physical was so close that they merged?And once sin came in,it severed its unity-, hence new parameters were needed to protect Humanity! They spiritual- eyes of their conscience were closed,  but they physical eyes were opened.So they always saw each other nakedness but it was never wrong! As nothing was wrong in the -then context.Now that the poison has entered them and everything around them ,’things’ have changed,definitions ,perspective  have changed …That’s right , From Now on ,they will see with the devil’s perspective……as their eyes are opened to him and closed to God !

“and they knew that they were naked;and they suddenly felt shame at their nakedness.

  • So now what do they see? They see nakedness! What is nakedness? Not wearing clothes? ( physical), Frailty ( spiritual-personality)? In this context what is it ? It seems to be Physical, as the rest the verse says that they use clothes to cover up.
  • Why has it become wrong all of a sudden to walk around naked? When kids walk around naked , do they feel shame? they do and they don’t! I have seen kids that don’t and some that do …
  • Now that they see with the devil’s perspective, their interpretation is erroneous , hence a protective measure = clothing!
  • Is Nakedness the image of The Ultimate Vulnerability! Its when someone sees thru you , see your physical imperfections as well as your moral weaknesses- From then, on the world will be filled with frail people trying to hide their ‘self’ resorting to ‘covers’..
  • Nakedness between married individuals is the summon of Intimacy, the moment where there is no resort to ‘covers’ …. but, it can also be ‘Lethal’ in relationships….
  • Nakedness between man and God, is the most important foundation for Life! God got naked on the cross for us…….but most of us keep hiding , thinking that the Almighty cannot see us! ‘Spiritual Cat and Mouse-delays the Intimacy, delays the deliverance , delays the Power…With God ,we can rest assured that He will never fail us, Ever! So we can drop  our guard and just be !
  • But with people it’s another story,Vulnerability brings often pain and separation when not handled well! Hence why we are so careful, dubious, and ‘wear’ so much protection.
  • What about ‘Shame’- in Genesis 2:25- ‘they were both naked and felt no shame’ , after having the ‘deadly afternoon snack’, they were naked and felt shame! This is a new thing- it didn’t exist before- Sin, Evil has introduced this new state of the soul, so  What is shame?
  • Shame versus Nakedness?
  • If ‘nakedness’ is seeing the ‘inners’ of an individual, then when those ‘inners’ are pure,blameless,sinless,perfect,good, it’s fine ( like before the fall when everything was good !) ,but when they have been tainted-poisoned by sin,birthed into sin, its another story , our heart is full of things that are ugly- hence we want to hide them, we feel shame when people see them or when we act upon those evil thoughts-desires….
  • Shame is often what stops us from putting into action everything that goes thru our minds- Shame is often what we feel after we put into actions the evil we think, crave for …Shame is linked to our conscience, to what we know is evil,shame is necessary in the new world order-after the fall—-to keep humans from getting worse- Shame was not needed before because ‘evil’ was not an issue!.—-We were looking at everything with the eyes of innocence- after the fruit- that has changed!
  • Shame is sad- as it never was Gods intention for humans to deal with -shame hurts,makes you feel bad, its an uneasy sense for an ‘healthy’ life!
  • Often, its only when are caught red handed that we feel shame!
  • to summarize,maybe we can say that shame is the consequence of nakedness- as a status- and a sense that has come with the sin package to maybe give us boundaries????

Ravi Zacharias says:”Shame are sensors in our hearts when is constantly violated we end up doing the most vile thing without any feelings at all.Shame and Guilt are necessary for human survival”

in this Post fall , New World Order, its about Survival, til the Saviour comes and brings Life again!

“and they sewed fig leaves together,

  • Does that mean that the fruit was a fig?
  • Here they come with their ‘handmade- homemade-self-made covering’!
  • Their own appreciation of their needs. They thought that ‘leaves’ would do the trick ,deceived already by the depth and consequences of their actions! No ,it will take more than ‘leaves’ to cover them…, they shall learn…
  • But already their ‘eyesight’ was wrong full of venom, they ‘saw’ but were “blind’ ,their understanding darkened…that’s when lost their dignity, strength and status ,they became ‘sheep’, being led by a wolf!

and made themselves aprons.

  • The covering
  • The birth of Fashion :
  1. Practical ( clothes) ( Protection against the now ferocious natural elements- winter ,heat)
  2. Emotional ( style) ( where we hide between trends,make up,we create a mask that we use in relationships as a protection…)
  3. Spiritual ( Image) ( who are we? loss of identity? trying to find it in style,trends,relationships,purpose,careers,sex,love,etc…..


Genesis 3: 6



  1. Very interesting. I like your comments about shame. Seems like it does come from evil not God.

  2. Thank Brad—- I had forgotten to write more about shame- i began but got distracted — your comment reminded me- so I have now amended it …hope u find it even more interesting…;o)

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