VICTORY is Mine!

From ‘Victory in Spiritual Warfare ‘sermon at BT.

by Dr Tony Evans

  • Tired of coping, want deliverance
  • Not getting to the roots of whats wrong, finding solutions helping you manage your ‘symptoms’ without addressing your ’cause’.
  • Today there is a lot of pain, and it comes in all shapes and sizes that so many of God’s people are going thru and are doing their best to cope. they are trying a little thing a little that , hoping that even if they can’t fix it , they will be able to manage it a little better.
  1. What you see is not what’s really whats wrong !
  2. Everything visible and physical is preceded by something invisible and spiritual-Therefore if you want to correct the visible and physical you must correctly identify the invisible and spiritual .
  3. Heavenly places is where the action is !
  4. verse 11-” Stand firm , Stand firm , Stand firm! Don’t move! Don’t move! Don’t move ! Hold your ground!” Why telling us to do so if we are already in a battle!? That’s because we are fighting FROM Victory not FOR Victory! We need to stand firm in the Victory of Jesus Christ, when we lose sight of the Cross and its accomplishment , when it becomes a 200o yrs old memory rather than a currently then of today in the nasty world that I am living in ,you have now lost connection with the only thing that can ‘deliver’ you !
  5. If you point  a gun on me , you are going to control me ,because you have firepower in your hands,you have the authority and I am powerless! Now if  I ever discover that there are blanks in that gun , the rules have now changed!If I ever discover  what you are taunting to be, you are not! You have no firepower, but are just holding a device that just makes me think its there.It changes your authority over me!Therefore you can only be defeated by deception, you can no longer be defeated by power! You must be tricked into defeat-#thedevilispowerless
  • -Put on the full armor of God- You must dress for success!
  • -Belt of truth- Satan is a liar! So you need Truth! Truth is the absolute standard by which reality is measured !
  • Truth transcends how you feel
  1. Even when you feel it to be real,when you know its not real,it no longer instructs you on how you act or react ! What satan often does is get us to  mix up truth and emotion- because we feel it we treat it as it is real, even when God says its not real!
  2. Truth even transcends the facts you have in front of you !
  3. If your truth isn’t the Truth , you are operating on a lie!
  • -verse 14- “and having put on the breastplate of righteousness”Since we are born sinner- we have a distorted soul-All of us have been negatively affected by an environment & actions that have been sinful- which has distorted our reality- in other words- “you cant trust you !” that’s why we need to hook onto the belt of truth and know what is being right ( righteousness)
  • Your problem is just not your problem, whatever your problem is ,has been exacerbated by the absence or presence of demonic influence!

ex : Garbage – If you have garbage in your house , you have a problem, you accumulate a smell, a stench , but what you will also happen if the garbage is there long enough is, invite ‘uninvited guests’,known as ants or roaches or other insects to which you never said ‘hey come in , I have a place for you , come to my garbage can and fellowship! You never formerly invite roaches but the fact that the garbage is there , is in fact an invitation! You end up with 2 problems! Garbage and roaches ! The garbage is being made worse! That ‘s why ‘righteousness is important – to get rid not only of garbage -,but of the ‘infested-exacerbation effects  caused by the demonic!

  • Behind the ‘breastplate’ is the Heart of the believer!
  1. the only way you know when you have the peace of God is when you are not supposed to have it !
  1. Like ‘Truth’ , Faith is not a feeling!
  2. You can ‘feel’ full of faith and be ‘faithless’ and you can have absolutely no feelings of faith and be full of faith !
  3. Because ‘Faith ‘is acting like God is telling the truth!
  4. Faith is acting like it is so. Even when it is not so. In order that it might be so. Simply because God said so.”
  5. -You measure faith by ,the movement of your feet- that’s why it is called ‘walking by faith’!
  6. Because you can tell when you are doing it ! Faith is tied to actions! No Matter how faithful you feel , if you feet are not moving in the direction of the faith act that you are declaring, you do not have faith regardless of the emotions of the moment! If the feet are not moving there is no faith !
  7. Everything God wanted to do something He will require faith-without faith it is impossible to please God! By Faith Abraham ,Moses, David..etc did something…Their faith showed up in a movement of some sort ! So if you want to know you have faith ,let me see your feet move, move in light of what God has said!
  • What many of us do is talk in faith and don’t walk in faith !
  1. You and I,need to stop having Bible study with Christians and start having bible study with the devil! Where was the last time you and the devil sat down and had bible study together? Far fetched-here is an example :
  2. Jesus led in the wilderness to be tempted by the devil —-the devil says , ‘after 40 days without food ,you are hungry, why don’t you turn these stones into bread?’ —Jesus Google ‘bread’ stops at Deuteronomy chapter 8- “man shall not live from bread alone”—-copy that devil! Who does it quote it to , not to His Father , the Holy Spirit etc..NO , He quoted it to the devil!—- then the devil takes Him to the top of the Temple, and says ,well since I know a few verses- the bible also says that if ‘you jump off, you will be caught…—- Jesus googles “stone’ again, comparing verses with verses , then answer…..and on ,til the third time when the devil flew!
  • Satan is allergic to scriptures,he is not allergic to your ideas,to you telling what you think ,or feel ,but when you throw the ‘graphé, logas, uttered through ‘rheima’,he cannot handle it ! And 3 strikes he has to flee! He cannot handle the Word of God spoken out!

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