Waiting is not easy!

“The writer, Henri Nouwen, wrote a book called Sabbatical Journeys. In that book he relates the story of some friends of his who were trapeze artists. They were called The Flying Roudellas. They told Henri Nouwen that there’s a very special relationship between the flyer and the catcher on the trapeze. The flyer is the one that lets go, and the catcher is the one that catches. This relationship is important—especially to the flyer.

When the flyer is swinging high above the crowd on the trapeze, the moment comes when he must let go. He arcs out into the air, and his job is to remain as still as possible and to wait for the strong hands of the catcher to pluck him from the air. This trapeze artist told Nouwen, “The flyer must never try to catch the catcher. The flyer must wait in absolute trust. The catcher will catch him.”

Sometimes,We have let go of our bar and are waiting for the hand of the Catcher  to come. when we have let go of our bar ( what God has told us to let go of) and He has not caught us yet and there we are are in mid air not knowing what to do!

There you are waiting in absolute trust-that He will not drop you,will not let you go- there you are with nothing to hold onto but God………

Faith-in its purest state!


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