Castrasted against his nature!


South Korea to chemically castrate rapist

By K.J. Kwon, CNN
May 23, 2012 — Updated 0830 GMT (1630 HKT)

Seoul, South Korea (CNN) — South Korea is set to carry out the chemical castration of a serial rapist later this week, implementing recent legislation for the first time.

The drug treatment is intended to suppress sexual impulses and does not require the convict’s consent.

The sex offender, identified only by his surname of Park, has been convicted of four counts of rape or attempted rape on young girls since the 1980s, according to the Ministry of Justice.

“Sex offenders over the age of 19, who have sexually offended against children under the age of 16 and are diagnosed with pedophilia, can be subject to such treatment,” a Justice Ministry official said Wednesday, declining to be identified as is customary in South Korea.

A law authorizing this treatment for sex offenders came into effect last year. It followed a public outcry after a number of cases were reported of rapists reoffending following their release.

“There was growing demand for strengthened measures against pedophiles who are likely to repeat their actions,” the official said.

Park will be required to undergo the treatment every three months, wear an electronic anklet and remain under scrutiny for three years.

Offenders could be subject to the treatment for as long as 15 years, according to the law.



Why being so harsh? What if its not his fault? what if he was just born this way ??? After all He is just attracted to youngest ! That’s is sexual discrimination! I appeal to ‘pedophilia to be legalized ! After All, Its just another sexual type of attraction!

Hold on there,homosex used to be considered as a mental illness which needed treatment, look at it Now !!!!! Take courage ,Oh sinners ,the redefinition  of right and wrong is being ‘revisited’! The Normalization of your ‘diagnosis’ is on its way !!


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