Mind (Me),Emotion (Myself) and Will ( I ) !



  • The manifestations of  soul ( Me, Myself and I ) life can be separated generally into four divisions:
  1. natural strength;
  2. self -conceit, hard and unyielding towards God;
  3.  self-styled wisdom with many opinions and plans;
  4. and emotional sensation sought in spiritual experiences.
  • These are due to the fact that the life of the soul is self, which in turn is natural strength, and that the faculties of the soul are will, mind and emotion.
  •  Because there are these various faculties in the soul, the experiences of many soulish (Me, Myself and I )  Christians are bound to be extremely unalike.
  • Some incline more to the mind while others to emotion or will.


Although their lives are therefore greatly dissimilar, all nonetheless are soulish/Carnal lives. Those who turn to the mind may be able to discern the carnality in those who fall under emotion, and vice versa. Both, however, belong to the soul.

What is absolutely vital for believers to see is that they must have their true condition exposed by God’s light so that they themselves may be liberated by the truth instead of their measuring others with new knowledge.

Had God’s children been willing to use His light for self -enlightenment their spiritual state would not be so low today.

The Mind -The most prominent indication of being soulish is a mental search, acceptance and propagation of the truth. For Christians of this type the highest spiritual experience and the profoundest truth serve but to cultivate their minds. This does not necessarily mean that one’s spiritual walk is not in any manner affected in a positive way but it certainly denotes that the prime motive is to gratify the mind. While believers who are mastered by the mental faculty do indeed have a great appetite for spiritual matters, yet for the satisfaction of this hunger they depend more upon their thoughts than upon God’s revelation. They consume more time and energy in calculating than in praying.

Emotion is what believers mistake most for spirituality. Carnal Christians whose tendency is emotional in character habitually crave sensation in their lives. They desire to sense the presence of God in their hearts or their sensory organs; they yearn to feel a love-fire burning. They want to feel elated, to be uplifted in spiritual life, to be prosperous in work. True, spiritual believers sometimes do have such sensations, yet their progress and joy are not contingent upon these. The soulish are quite different in this respect: with such sensations, they can serve the Lord; without them, they can scarcely move a step.

The will-that power of self-assertion. Through it believers who live in the soul make self the center of every thought, word and action. They want to know for their satisfaction, feel for their enjoyment, and labor according to their plan. The hub of their life is self and the ultimate aim is to glorify themselves.

Watchman Nee

The Spiritual Man

Chapter : THE DANGERS OF SOULISH ( Me, Myself and I )  LIFE


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