I wanna Feel!


  • The soul varies inevitably from person to person. It cannot be stereotyped. Each of us has his particular individuality–a uniqueness that will extend on into eternity.
  • Moreover, soulish believers have numerous sentimental experiences, which induce them to deem themselves more spiritual, not realizing these are but evidences of their being carnal. Not by feeling but by faith do the spiritual live.
  • Those who are soulish usually thrive on sensation. The Lord affords them the sense of His presence before they attain spirituality. They treat such a sensation as their supreme joy. When granted such a feeling, they picture themselves as making huge strides towards the peak of spiritual maturity. Yet the Lord alternately bestows and withdraws this touch that He might gradually train them to be weaned from sensation and walk by faith. These do not understand the way of the Lord, however, and conclude that their spiritual condition is highest when they can feel the Lord’s presence and lowest when they fail to do so.

Watchman Nee

The Spiritual Man



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