Sexual Sin!

My brother posted that video on my facebook wall with a comment : ” Don’t become an old woman in white hat. No matter the belief.”

My answer to his comment is found below the video!





Ha My dear Brother!! You got it all wrong!! Shame you NEVER asked me and just presumed that ‘Christians’ are ‘homophobic’!! As usual you get you infos in the wrong places full of wrong cliches about the heart of  Christianity!! True we Christians ,are no,t all the the time good advocates of our Father’s heart but still , that’s when you go to the Father for checking…

…..So let me help  you  and hopefully , you will yourself go to the Source, for once aka*The Word of God.

Let me ask you first ,have WE EVER had a discussion about the subject ??have I EVER told you that I hated homos???

Where did you get your idea from??  ———

Is it writing “poor Obama’ on my status’ that made you think’ there I got her”???……… Well, you got it All wrong, I am afraid!!

I am not not homo-phobic , I am sin – phobic!!! and If we stay in the sexual-sin arena-I have the same sadness at the ‘advocation of homo lifestyle” than I had at the creation of the ‘PACS’ ( advocating fornication) in 1999—- Both are an attempt to redefine ‘sex’ by clueless & Lost human beings!

My brother, your fornicating lifestyle is as sad to me than my others friends sexual lifestyle choices! Whichever choices they may be!! Why ?? simply because

1) Sex is Sacred, and is to be defined ONLY by the One Who created it-God! So, it is indeed not supposed to be 2 sticks together and 2 holes together- that ‘position’ ne s emboîte pas Naturally,innit and, also it aint’ gonna produce humans !

2) Sin is sin-No difference between one sexual sin over the other!!! There is NO such a thing in the Bible as to say that Homosexuality is to be treated with ‘hate ‘more than Fornication is!Both are called sexual sins!

So, have I ever treated you and your lifestyle with ‘dedain’??? No!—

-Have I ever treated my Homos friends with ‘dedain’?-No!—-

Your assumptions are doubly wrong as ,I do pride myself in treating all sins the same, it helps avoiding double standards and contradiction based on perso leanings!!!! When talking with my Christians pals regarding homosex- I always get them to check their stand on fornication as well -resetting everything on the same line of ‘appreciation’ !!

And-MOST OF ALL it reflects the heart of my God !Being ‘Homophobic is as far from God ‘s heart as can the heavens from the earth be ! and further…..

Also,I am trying my best to never hate someone based on what that person does/has done- as you should know very well!!!

Please young brother :” Don’t grow old Intolerant  towards someone else convictions while you are defending yours !no matter the belief!!!’-

Cause at the end of the day – its down to what you think its right against what I think its right- who to decide between us? The majority?

So please don’t call me ‘Intolerant when you are yourself towards people with other worldviews than yours !

I had to be that clear and expressive in answering as you chose Facebook to xpress something that was Totally Untrue on my page- showing your ‘sweet’ ignorance about what a christian should believe and what your lovely sister believes–:(– That had to be settled as I am Totally MISUNDERSTANDING -PHOBIC!!!!!

Between you and me , I am personally more appalled at sex outside marriage! That violation of Gods original blessing breaks my heart more than homosex- but that’s just me !!!!!

So Zakaboum, chose the away-from-God-lifestyle you wish, It will just sadden me ,never makes me Hate You ! Love you and Everyone else too much for that !

the end : There is NO WAY  I am Homophobic in the sense you meant and will ever Be – That day I will no more be a christian!!




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