Seek and Hide!

Truth is the most important spiritual foundation because that’s where you get your definitions from !

Love is Not the most important! Why , simply because everyone have their own definition!

First , you gotta  Sort out the definition which gives you the meaning.

We find our definitions for life in the Dictionary of Life:The Bible!

Anything that falls short to ‘ For God so loved the World’ is a con!

‘Truth’ not ‘Love’ will set you free!

Even on relational level this seems true : Maybe that’s one of the reason why so many relationships fail, We are desperate for Love ,unfulfilled , but while  we are searching cruising life , in the same time we are hiding , wearing masks, playing games we are not ‘Real’, the respect we expect we don’t give out, we devalue honor ,loyalty and Commitment , we are not ‘Honest’, we are not ‘True”.

We ‘Seek and  ‘Hide’! We shun Vulnerability because of deceit or fear of being hurt! , we hide our true self but still desperately seek Love!

But without Vulnerability there is no love!

Best example God,quite vulnerable coming down as a man, what about on that cross?

Don’t play ‘Seek and Hide’ in romantic Love, we often desperately seek for love while hiding who we are!

Our Post-modern Christianity is struggling as well ,it has focused so much on Love, but the definition is just a bit unclear??!!- it feels like any ’emotional-feely-teary-High ‘has become what we accept as ‘Love’…

Too many times an emotional decision for Christ is accepted as ‘it’ !!

We,Christians are called the light of the world , the bearers of  Truth, the demonstrators of its Meaning and the reflection of what Love is about , but we seem to have favor its ‘derivatives ‘, its ‘highs’ over its True and Freeing meaning!

When ‘God so loved the World’ it wasn’t a romantic feeling  it was a commitment !

When God said ” I so loved the world ” he didn’t just speak it He did it!
When God said ” I so loved the world ” he didn’t just speak it He proved it! #tipsforromantics…:D ♥♥


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