Average Life with a Great God?

“What’s been on my mind Today?-My new Series.

Every day we hear ,listen,read, see and think -we get fed by thoughts, ideas, worldviews, beliefs,unbelief ,assertions,theories …. whether aware or not!
This series is about those Random/Intended thoughts – mine and those I hear/read along the day!
They are raw impulsive musings – especially mine- sometimes only making sense in my context ! The wording is often weak! Most are -spontaneous reflections in their ‘embryonic’ form that will eventually get their own post once they reach full term!

SO,What’s been on my mind Today ?

[May 3 Thu]
07:45 PM
You know why Christians so little hear from their God- because they no longer hang out with Him. They hang out with His things ( church-ministry..)..But hardly spend time at His feet!When you make that commitment ,you discover how Bubbly God is !

07:33 PM
“My life is too average-normal for the God that I hear..I want “Reflection-Shine on me my Lord!!…..*frustrated”!

As I am writing this –  thinking,Moses must have thought the same during his 40 samo-samo years in the desert…..see, just be ready V,when you see the bush burning you know “it” has begun!!!

07:28 PM
Sometimes all you need is to find someone with the same passion as you but in a more mature state. While you are still at seed level, the fruits are obvious in that person’s life and that encourages you to push on and not give up …

07:22 PM
Exodus 31:3-5   Yes God Yes!!! Me Me !!

07:16 PM
I remember Galliano saying that :”after a great creative high , you experience a great low ” ( that’s preciously when he got in trouble)
Very true ! Just Experimented it!!
Weird & Deadly!

06:27 PM
So much routine in daily life!
I suspect 99’99 % of life is routine 🙂

04:08 PM
Very “Prolific” Afternoon…:-D

03:21 PM
I am certain that God would go faster if  I wasn’t that slow to obey!

01:48 PM
Time to work
Lord help me

06:16 AM
Moi de Toute les facons si je votais, je voterais pour celui a qui il reste un peu plus de morale!
Le declin de la morale est le premier point de declin dune civilization -surtout quand elle avait connue la faveur du  Christ.

06:07 AM
Test and pressure often comes in our lives to show us whether we have believed in a real God or a religion!

05:47 AM
With All things in Life, choices , decision, small or important..
We gotta stop, ponder, examine ourselves, evaluate the situation
Use our mind!
If God asked us to proceed this way when it comes to making the decision to follow him, it should be a pattern for every decision making.? lets use our mind!

05:40 AM
The best before the fall is not the best after the fall!
Things have changed since less you notice
Adaptation to the ‘new world order’ was needed!

05:18 AM
So many seeds of great things everywhere in my life
But No Sprout! No Blooming ! No Blossoming!
No sign of upcoming reaping!
Why is that ? Why so so so long!
is it going to be an All in Once Harvest? God does that quite often….
I have a feeling that maybe, maybe…..
Maybe shall I get ready for a Stratospheric Breakthrough ,a massive turnaround
Overwhelming overnight all of a sudden success
Lord help me to stay faithful when I get into the land of plenty 🙂



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