For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

  • The Devil is speaking..
  • After blatantly calling God a liar in the first part of the verse, he is now  saying that God is Deceiver- The Master of Deceit – The Father of lies ,is calling God a Deceiver-How twisted!
  • For God knows‘, alluding that God’s inner motive is to harm you ,He pretends to be good but in reality deep inside He doesn’t have your best interest in mind.
  • Basically , the devil is painting a dark picture of God that he might look good himself-God is the wolf in sheep clothes!
  • -When you eat of it your eyes will be opened’ Gen 3:5
    What is the context of that?
    Were Their Eyes closed? closed to what ?Could they not see?
    Were they ‘Blind’? Is  being ‘blind’ relevant in that context? Is there a negative and a positive to being ‘blind”?
    Obviously, God was keeping  an ‘experience’ away from them- something harmful- sth that they didn’t need to taste to know it was bad!
    ‘God says that they will die if they chose that thing’ vs “The devil says that their eyes will be opened”
    Sometimes ‘awareness’ is a little dent into the poisoned apple- that’s why God asks us to remain innocent of certain things..
    We have this deformed view that we need to experiment all things to know what’s good and bad- that we will learn by our mistakes- that’s ain’t true in God, there some things – even in the now fallen world- that we should know/believe are wrong just because He said so!! And in faith/obedience , reject , stay away from…Now , practical tips: there are voices out there, in the church , in the world etc.. who are always challenging the strict commands of God, and the voice of deception is often”” Its ok to taste, if you fail, God is grace – (church) or “come and taste if you fail you would have gained experience” -( world)
  • Important: the  true deception beneath the above is that we forget that sin is addictive! Yep that’s it, once we taste we want more ,even if it is sour or we get burnt, we just go back to it with our bruises- That’s the story of humanity- never learn from our mistakes or maybe forever learning forever mistaking…..
  • We are just too powerless to do what we know its right!
  • In Gods’ economy Learning, studying, experimenting ‘All in All and All is not the key to knowledge and Strength,Trusting & Obeying Him Is !

Better go for the voice /advice of God and  ” Don’t even think about it!”

  • “…and you will be like God,..”
  • That is very stupid, but we often fall for it!They were already ‘like ‘God, They were made in Gods image!!!. Sound Enticing , but the devil is mainly offering something that they already have, cause obviously he is not very creative in his thinking, he cannot make up anything , he merely, steals ,rephrases,what’s already there, twist, spoil,pollute and he is so skillful in it that we don’t realize that he is not giving us anything new but what we already got !
  • Plus, when we chose his offer,we soon realize that it was a big Lie! Just like Adam and Eve did!
  • “…..knowing good and evil.”
  • What is the definition of good and evil?
  • I suspect that God wanted A & E to abide by His definition of Good and Evil, and never get to experiment the sour side of finding out for themselves – Total Trust had to be involved and Total Obedience was the Lock that would keep the dark door closed with all its addictive curses!
  • That would also keep them from re-defining good and Evil – as you know – once we are addicted to something – we instantly ‘redefine’ to ease our consciences and fit our way of life!
  • and redefining good and evil is exactly what Humanity has been doing since, we call it , cultures,education,Civilization,tastes,preferences……..blabla….
  • So, what is the definition of Good and Evil? Simple, what is ‘Good is what God calls Good’ and ‘what is evil is what God call evil ‘!
  • Abide by that and you will live! Choose not to, and your eyes will be wide opened to a world of … other words…….Death!

Amen 😉

  • Next Genesis 3: 6–not yet

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