Developing Heart Strength!

Developing Heart Strength!

Bill Johnson

Sermon highlights:

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire/dreams/longing fulfilled is a tree of life.( Proverbs 13:12)

  • Amazing how God stewards His creation-God can bring the message Himself ( No question about that ) but He chooses to create a being for a purpose and their delight is in fulfilling their/this purpose.
  • He chooses to commission us!
  • ‘Tree of Life’ has to do with our eternal purpose/desire realized/having been fulfilled/connection to Eternal purpose
  • God doesn’t have needs-He has wants-God is a God of extravagance but He is not wasteful.

Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.-John 15:11

  • A depressed Christian is one of the most unnecessary thing in the universe!
  1. A Complete waste of energy!
  2. Its like starving to death with 1 million dollars in your bank account or with a refrigerator full of food.
  • When you are willing to do what you are unqualified to do – that’s what qualifies you!
  • The willingness to obey the Lord is to do what He says to do is what qualifies you .
  • What the enemy is most afraid of is ,God’s people dreaming .He is so afraid that you will be at such a place of rest that you will reflect Gods nature thru your dreams.He is terrified that The Creator will create again but this time thru you –
  • I got in trouble for years- because I had such a hunger for more but was experiencing so little compared to what I was hungry for- that I would end up in personal frustration and unbelief  .I learned that ‘hunger for God’ doesn’t always end up well,It only ends up well when is mixed with faith .
  • We are alive because HE Speaks!
  • Just Be Real before God and Get Healed !!
  • You want to put it in You until it comes out of you – til it expense!
  • I cannot afford to allow the Promise(s) of the Lord to leave my sight!
  • You may not have enough Faith for your problems but you should have enough faith for a word from God . Faith attracts Promises! That why you need to hear from God ! You need to get before God until HE Talks !
  • God never lies!
  • Surround yourself with Friends! Don’t isolate yourself !
  • The darker the cloud over you the more extreme you have to be in your expression before God – Do the opposite of what you feel like doing -Give God praise in the very area that the enemy is trying to question Him in-If you begin to feel like god is not really that Good- then Praise Him for His goodness.Do it not only with words- Do it physically-Dance-Shout-Proclaim!
  • Darkness doesn’t like a believing believer to celebrate the goodness of God-and so :
  • Take the very area that the enemy has thrown these fiery darts at ,and you say:” Thank you for the ammunition”

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