3Except the fruit from the tree which is in the middle of the garden. God has said, You shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest you die.

  • There we are, Eve,quoting Gods word to Satan but she does something that is fatal!- She devalues it ,changes and adds to it !
  • FIRST,it is quite subtle , she doesn’t name the tree but refers to it by ,location, hence devaluing the importance of its nature...this tree in the middle of the garden, that thing out there….
  1. Practical Tip : Don’t ‘devalue/underestimate’ Evil, It’s powerful! Satan is powerful! do not honor it but Do Not Underestimate it ! Use Only God’s tools to address it !Be Wise! No point of Reducing the importance of Darkness- Devil is the god of the age-Its real! Its Powerful! It should not be diminished ,but acknowledged, understood,apprehended and dealt with, with wisdom,in truth and with open eyes( as wide as possible)! Evil is NOT a thing out there- it has a name! A name is usually given for awareness ! So,Name it to conquer it or it will conquer you !
  2. When God says ‘NO’ about something ,be very Knowledgeable on the reasons He gave you ( Get a perso revelation) – master it ,study it , memorize it, and when temptation comes with its warm attraction, your heart /mind/ will is strong enough to say ‘NO’, as well!
  3. We should study the promises of God as much as we should study His curses- we should be very alert about his Yes’s as much as His No’s- Obey Both ! Bottom line – we should endeavor to Know everything about our God – we should be passionate about Knowing All about the All Knowing……Seek Him diligently, passionately ,diligently til He comes back..
  • SECOND-She did something that is forbidden, dangerous and daring! She altered God’s word,changed, and added to it !
  • This is Something NOT to Be done Ever!!!
  • In doing so in a way she placed herself above God,she thought she knew better- thinking,Oh ,let’s add a bit more to the command its incomplete??
  • Indeed , the argument that you cannot eat the fruit without touching it is valid but still, it is better to quote the Word of God as it is- just like Jesus did! Its written! Nothing more, nothing less!
  • When you add your own seasoning it reveals your heart – how much you value the Word- How much you believe in its own power-.It shows where you at with God!


Genesis 3:2

Genesis 3 : 4


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