Sunday’s Manna

Seasons of life

Pastor Anneline Vermeulen- Judah International Church – London

  • We need to celebrate God’s Nos, as much as His Yes’s
  • You gotta to know what God says to you Personally
  • Learn how to recognize your season
  • A winter season can be more powerful than a season where everything is happening
  • The Lord will perfect everything that concerns you ( Psalm)
  • In everything -give Thanks!
  • God loved Job but He allowed him to be tested!
  • The only area where we are allowed to test God/His promises  is in the area of Tithing.
  •  But we have to test ourselves ( Proverbs 17-3
  • We need to graduate
  • Appreciate your season
  • Understand your season
  • God must have great confidence is us that He allows us to go thru thought times.
  • Don’t let go
  • Embrace
  • He discipline those He loves
  • The sheep hear His voice–its your birthright- but u gotta be a sheep !
  • Its not sometimes about the answer but our we respond to it!
  • Truth might hurt but it will set you free!



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