Message from Jentzen Franklin

Definition of Being Drunk: to be under influence

Definition of a Hangover : When Ecstasy becomes agony,Excitement turns into  sickness

To Be spirtually Drunk

1o things about a drunk  :

1- The way they talk stand out-Do the way we talk reflect our passion for Jesus.

2- Only a drunk can endure a drunk- People not excited about Jesus cannot stand people on fire for God

3- To a drunk ugly things look pretty- Same with us,things that we didn’t use to like start to get attractive-reading the bible ,church,etc…

4-Drunk don’t have feelings! ( get in a fight  and get hurt will not feel a thing) -Same for us we lose our pride

5-Drunk dont like to drink alone-

6- drunks talk a lot-how passionate are we about God ,do we come across jesus bubbly?

7-loose with money-are we generous? ready to gve everything we have?

8-love everybody-If you dont love me ,I love you anyway

9-they love to fight anything ,anyone,howwver strong-Are we aware that the one that id in us is greater than the one in the world-Are we aware of howpowerful we are

10- Drunk will do anyhting to get a drink- How desperate are we about Jesus? How thirsty are we?


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  1. God = Whisky: Message received.

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