Free Will

The man God created is very different from the other things that God created.

Man, like the angels, has a spirit, and like the lower animals, also has a soul.

When God created man, He gave man an absolute free will.

He did not make man a machine which can only turn according to His direction. After observing the way God commanded man in Genesis 2 concerning what to eat and what not to eat, we can see that the man God created is not a dead machine under God’s manipulation.
Rather, he has a free will. If he wants to obey God, he can obey Him. If he wants to disobey God, he can disobey Him. He has an absolute sovereign power over himself. Both obedience and disobedience are at his discretion, and he can choose either at will. This is the most important point. We have to realize that in our spiritual life God never robs us of our freedom.
Therefore, without active participation on our part, He will not do anything for us. Whether it be God or the devil, no one can work on us without the consent of our will, because man’s will is free.


The spiritual Man


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