“What’s been on my mind Today?-My new Series.
Every day we hear ,listen,read, see and think -we get fed by thoughts, ideas, worldviews, beliefs,unbelief ,assertions,theories …. whether aware or not!
This series is about those Random/Intended thoughts – mine and those I hear/read along the day!
They are raw impulsive musings – especially mine- sometimes only making sense in my context ! The wording is often weak! Most are -spontaneous reflections in their ‘embryonic’ form that will eventually get their own post once they reach full term!”

SO,What’s been on my mind Today ?


February 2 Thu]
10:32 PM
Do you find fornication as repulsive as homosexuality  if not then your judgement is just culturally rooted , based and so is unreliable – will be gone by the wind of the first cultural changes.

10:26 PM
Was tempted tonight but resisted! Once Again, I see that it’s not what I am tempting with that is the issue ,its a fact that til we are on earth all of us will always get tempted – so the question is more ;”why I am tempted to give into it ! ” Thank you Jesus for a Victorious evening- please Lord keep me even more … The journey ahead is long..:)

10:23 PM
2 Corinthians 6: 9-11
Don’t fool yourselves!
Will not inherit the kingdom of God if we indulge in sexual sin…
Verse 18: Run from sexual sin!

10:16 PM
1. Corinthians 6
Why not just accept the injustice… Why not let yourselves be cheated ?
Reminds me of Jesus words :And if someone wants to sue you and take your tunic, let him have your cloak as well..——The bar is raised high isn’t ?

10:04 PM
Do something in my circumstances or in my Heart. But please do something lord 🙂

09:56 PM
Why ain’t nothing Extraordinary  happening in my life ???
Don’t I have a extraordinary God!???

07:04 PM
Easier to show inside your tummy than inside your heart- Inspired by people posting their baby X-Ray on facebook .

06:51 PM
Better shut up than hurt! my advice to me

06:39 PM
I’am no better than Zak and Dav I just have some someone better living in me.

04:44 PM
Everyone has an opinion about something or everything – why shall would mine be of value?

01:59 PM
The deception behind homosexuality is the same behind any other sexual illegal activities,whether natural or not !

01:39 PM
A human being is created when a male and female mate – any other means apart from that it’s against nature

01:38 PM
When you Can afford ,don’t buy it-CNN

01:34 PM
Mitt Romney “….not concerned about the poor… Safety net”
“Whatever came after or whatever is the context- that was a wrong thing to say”Piers Morgan

01:29 PM
1 Corinthians 6:2
Don’t you realize that someday the Believers will judge the world…

01:27 PM
Don’t be in relationship if you don’t really wanna be in one .
Please do not conform! Do not use someone to keep up appearances ,to get social status

01:10 PM
A lot begins when I start…..


11:54 AM
I will believe in an epidemic of L.O.V.E in the Body only when the divorce rate will drop below zero!
In the meantime all that embracing , not judging , all accepting, lovey -dovey new age feel in post modern Christianity,it’s very often sentimentality and plain cowardliness.Furious has to be Based on Truth, Bold, Drastic, Uncompromising and Obedient !

11:47 AM
Domi said that I was not an intellectual :)I don’t care how many books your read if you don’t know the Word, u don’t know nothing !!:)

08:22 AM
You are only an pseudo- intellectual unless you have met the Word. ie Jesus

08:14 AM
Bus reading
1 Corinthians 5
Sin in the Church- even worse than pagans
Even though the Church is proud – rejoicing when they should be mourning in shame
Remove the culprit from fellowship
Boasting about something so terrible
Little Yeast- spread to whole batch- get rid of the wicked
Do not associate with one who claim to be believer yet indulge in sexual sin

08:07 AM
John Piper
Resist the illusion that the gospel can be made popular. “You will be hated by all nations for my name’s sake.” Matthew 24:9.

07:53 AM
The reason that marriage is so painful and yet wonderful is because it is a reflection of the Gospel, which is painful and wonderful at once. The Gospel is—we are more sinful and flawed in ourselves than we ever dared to believe, and at the very same time we are more loved and accepted in Jesus Christ than we ever dared hope.

07:52 AM
He recounts many of the reasons his single friends told him they had given up on their recent relationships:”“Well, it started out great … beautiful face, great body, nice smile. Everything was going fine—until she turned around.” He paused ominously and shook his head. ”… She had dirty elbows.”—lol-This had to be a black couple!

07:51 AM
“We’re seeing young adults – X-ers and millennials – absolutely paralyzed and unable to get to marriage because they want to do it right,” says Anderson. “They don’t want to be their parents’ generation … the largest divorce generation in history.”

07:50 AM
Question : One can do all the right things with the wrong heart!
But can one do all the wrong things with the right heart?

07:38 AM
It’s not what you struggle with its why you are struggling with it? Always get to the origin of things..

06:19 AM
I loved him at his worst so truly the best is yet to come….

06:18 AM
Often the minority of yesterday is the majority of today
The question is, would the majority treat the new minority better?

06:10 AM
…..and As I passed the fire I did not whether it was hell or the furious love of God
Gk Chesterton
The diabolist


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