Why she let me cheat ….

Why my wife let me cheat on her: Roger Daltrey on why his attitudes to marriage vows are far from straightforward

Daily Mail Article –

When he (Roger Daltrey) married American model Heather Taylor in 1971 — she was the inspiration for Jimi Hendrix’s Foxy Lady — it was with the proviso that he was allowed to stray, although he insists he behaves himself now their three children have become parents themselves.

It’s not an open marriage, but in the early days of our relationship she never put restrictions on me,’ says Roger. ‘I was in one of the biggest rock bands in the world, going out for four months at a time. At that age do you expect me to come back and say, “Oh yes darling, I was a good boy?”

Over years we have developed something a lot deeper than that she is the most extraordinary woman I know.’…..


deeper than what ??? deeper than ‘sex’, “love’ ?? what kindda of rubbish talk is that ??? Lord helps us!!! the whole  purpose of sex was to make 2 people become so close that they would become 1- you can’t really get closer than being inside someone innit!!

So ‘deeper than what !!!!’

Grrrrrrr!!! I am so upset at these deceptions,c’mon  Vero,after all they are not Christians, so they supposed to be ignorant, what upsets me most is that is it affecting the Body,Lord do something, the very relationship -Marriage-that you have created to sustain Society, Civilization is being defiled! The consequences are going to be atrocious!


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