Sexual Sins growing popularity..

Is it possible to have a happy open marriage?

By Daniel Nasaw BBC News, Washington

Excerpts from Article:

‘Is this weird?’

After working it out with him, the couple shared a girlfriend for a time, then she dated other people, Ms Block says.

“From the very beginning, he and I found ourselves saying, ‘is this weird that it isn’t weird?'” she says. “We were worried the other shoe would drop.”

But it didn’t. Ms Block has been with Jemma for five and a half years. She and Christopher will be married for 15 years this year.

Ms Block struggles to explain how she can be satisfied with her husband, yet still want another person in her life – and her bed.

“All I know is that I continue to love him and want to be married to him and want to be with him, but I also have this desire to have another partner,” she says.

“This is so much less about sex than people who aren’t in these relationships know.”




”Malcom Muggeridge once commented:

“There is nothing so vulgar left in the human experience for which you cannot find some intellectual from somewhere to justify it .

or I might add some ’emotional’ from somewhere to justify it!

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