SEX, Sex and One challenge….

“What’s been on my mind Today?-My new Series.
Every day we hear ,listen,read, see and think -we get fed by thoughts, ideas, worldviews, beliefs,unbelief ,assertions,theories …. whether aware or not!
This series is about those Random/Intended thoughts – mine and those I hear/read along the day!
They are raw impulsive musings – especially mine- sometimes only making sense in my context ! The wording is often weak! Most are -spontaneous reflections in their ‘embryonic’ form that will eventually get their own post once they reach full term!”

SO,What’s been on my mind Today ?

[January 23 Mon]


09:29 PM
This is amazing – just one thought from last Thursday and 2012 has now completely turned around! Woah!!!

09:00 PM
Why didn’t share what was on my heart on Sunday,I think simply because Saturday didn’t particularly go down well – in terms of expressing what I mean- I didn’t communicate what was on my heart clearly so I wanted to limit the damages, so Sunday didn’t feel free/home enough to step up/ speak up.

05:13 PM

God never made a promise that was too good to be true || D.L. Moody

05:12 PM
Love is : to like someone’s perfections as much as you like their imperfections …:-)

05:11 PM
Every church we go to ,shall be ‘Home’, because ‘home’ is not about the culture of one Church its about Jesus presence .

05:10 PM
How can you stop doing something wrong, if you don’t think its wrong?!

05:09 PM
FACT: You Do get burned when playing with fire !

05:08 PM
Holy Spirit fill me with Power to ‘do’,Yes! but also with Power to ‘be’….;o)

05:05 PM
The most important Truth of all time :”Without Me you can’t do nothing” and the most important Command “Be filled with the Holy Spirit” I Challenge anyone to find anything more crucial? I tried , I couldn’t …..

05:02 PM
Sex was not created to be an acrobatic,animalistic, performantisic, activity- it is  probably the most spiritual moment of the relationship, where the 2 become 1 !Its physical, soulical and spiritual!

05:01 PM
Often our “now” weakness is what God is working on to become your “strength”

04:59 PM
One gotta be a responsible dreamer!

04:59 PM
Our lacks are not from knowing enough they are from not knowing Him enough

04:57 PM
It’s not possible for us to pamper the flesh without starving the soul.
Spurgeon Charles

04:56 PM
A Sunday service shall be twofold- telling people you what to do + empower them to do it.

04:45 PM
With all these people divorcing I will not be surprised if we see an increase in intellectuals and pseudo-experts ‘coming up and proving’ after ‘thorough research’ that human beings are not supposed to be married – or some kind of weird ideas like that …

04:44 PM
‘Man sex drive causes war and soccer violence’ another nasty attack on manhood ,read in the metro newspaper -:(

04:12 PM
Queen Esther and me just articulated clearly the ‘why ‘behind God letting me go home for a few months!

03:52 PM
Whatever the mind sets itself on is what the man walks after: Thought is the seed of action.
Watchman Nee

03:48 PM
When you only move towards relevance the danger of compromising truth is always there.
Ravi zacharias

03:33 PM
Omg!!!!! It just dawned on me that I might not come back to London! Could it be? Could it be? Nah!!

02:49 PM
To love is to be vulnerable
CS Lewis

02:46 PM
Adam and Eve wanted to know something God didn’t want them to know
Something forbidden but freedom to take it
John lenox

01:54 PM
Woah – in my power nap break at work – looking around -all of this will be over soon – thank you Lord for taking me away from here:)

12:44 PM
The picture of what I crave for in terms of finding a church is getting clearer
The longing is taking shape.

12:38 PM
So seal & Heidi !!!!
There’s such a attack on marriage these days
The devil is on a mission to discredit the institution completely!!!
This probably the only thing left that are keeping us Social beings/humans once that’s done with ! It would be chaos ! It would be the end! We are so ignorant about how the crucial family is !


08:08 AM
Man on the Ledge
The ultimate deception leads to the ultimate distraction
Bus Movie poster

06:32 AM
If you are still fronting it might mean That you are still more into yourself than into me! “To Love is to be vulnerable CS Lewis”- fronting is going to opposite direction.

05:56 AM
Without God, Human left to their own devices will eventually turn into animals- just following their impulsive instincts.

05:36 AM
I didn’t use to believe in exclusivity within romantic relationships neither did I understand it-Until Christ came and renewed my mind.

05:35 AM
Nothing is more powerful in spreading sin/s faster than sexual sin!

05:24 AM
Love is just a word, until someone comes along to give it meaning


Well today it seems that I had relationships on my mind! It really stirs me up when I read stuffs against  ‘the institution of marriage “!! I am convinced that once the devil has managed to destroy the foundation of Society that marriage is , we will be near the end ……

Something has to be done, God,you can let those experts from hell trash your beautiful Institution!Please Lord raise a generation of People that would change the current deceptive trend!


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