Highlights from Sunday-Church

Judah International Wembley, london, with Pastors Phil & Anne Vermeulen


  • Let everything that has breath – Praise the Lord
  • If you can’t sing-Sing Louder
  • Death and growth
  • Great Victories = Great Battles
  • Push: Pray until something happens
  • Whose report shall you believe?
  • Thou the vision may tarry – Wait for it!
  • Realigning your position
  • Differences between Posture and Position
  • Ability to see- control everything about your body
  • Enjoy the process
  • Stand still- see the salvation of the Lord
  • Time to get serious with God
  • Remind God- Seek God
  • Not ‘The Truth will set you free’-But ‘the application of the truth will set you free’

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