Nappy Lies…

“What’s on my mind Today?-My new Series.
Every day we hear ,listen,read, see and think -we get fed by thoughts, ideas, worldviews, beliefs,unbelief ,assertions,theories …. whether aware or not!
This series is about those Random/Intended thoughts – mine and those I hear/read along the day!
They are raw impulsive musings – especially mine- sometimes only making sense in my context ! The wording is often weak! Most are -spontaneous reflections in their ’embryonic’ form that will eventually get their own post once they reach full term!”

SO,What’s on my mind Today ?

[January 13 Fri 2012]


09:33 PM
I have this “friend”who has the gift of prophecy
When she speaks into my life as a prophet she is always on point
But when she speaks to me as a ” friend ” she is always wrong !
So, what s the lesson?

07:52 PM
Watched jeff Bethke utube video ” Why I hate Religion, but loves Jesus”which has gone viral -is now over 6 million views- within 3 days! Woah!!
That is so God – overnight HE can propulse you to the forefront -in the blink of an eye!!
That’s why God takes sooo long to prepares us
Someone said that ‘God takes a long time to act suddenly’
He does, but when its time ,Boy!You better be ready ! As you will be carrying HIS Name!

06:55 PM
Lord,I really need to come through for me in an extraordinary glorious way!
Please do it mightily that All the glory might go to You
Don’t do it the normal way like any other people that you are helping
I am your daughter, Lord it gotta be special, dramatic ,glorious,
Gotta have the stamp of heaven !

06:12 PM
Everyone gets old
Not everyone grows up!
On a tube Movie poster

06:10 PM
If I was a man I would not be with a woman whose hair I can’t touch/play with !Rumblings Inspired by the ‘curse” of women wearing weaves/wig, and not allowing men to touch their hair even during ‘intercourse’! Dunno why but that really upset me greatly , been thinking lots about it even more so after watching ‘ Good Hair‘ That’s VERY wrong! Making love, is the more intimate, vulnerable moment in a relationship, its was created to be so – its when the 2 become one! Bondage-Hang-ups have to be confronted ,they are unconsciously blocking the merging process, its like creating a psychological wall- no don’t come too close! – don’t see the real me! – have fun with the ‘image’! Tell me,How can the relationship truly gets deep!That applies to ‘anything’ that comes in between- we just have to learn to accept ourselves,period! Sex was created to glue a man and woman,it ain’t gonna stick if other materials are introduced ! There’s come a time when the Mask is off -making love should be it !Intimacy: into me He sees! Teach your kids! ;O)

06:05 PM
On one hand you have this big campaign to abolish modern slavery /human -sex- trafficking and on the other hand we have Powerful intellectual leaders that control/shape modern culture telling us that we are only animals with urges- that should be satisfied !
The Kingdom seems divided…no making sense!

06:04 PM
It’s good to care about people feelings but not so much about what they think!

06:03 PM
Information needs to become revelation,or else its stale manna !

05:50 PM
Speak to me Lord I am listening….
I need to hear your voice to go on
Your voice is all I have….

05:43 PM
“She came closer, put her hand on his chest and said:” just wanna make sure that your heart beat faster when I come closer ”
Omg!! For someone like me who doesn’t wanna get married and doesn’t like over the top romanticism, I randomly come up with the most rom- com lines”

05:37 PM
Every effort to remain you is worth the pain

05:34 PM
Don’t put in the window what you don’t have in the warehouse.
Francis frangipane

05:33 PM
On the bus to home -At last what a slow Friday that was!!
Gonna b a longggg ride home with lots of thinking!!:)

05:21 PM
Pro activity is a must in Christian Life
Passivity is to firmly resisted/fought

05:20 PM
The brain was not given to be the leader but to assimilate Gods commands, orders,directions and carry them out!

05:19 PM
Do not give the Devil a foothold or else he will take it all!

04:17 PM
I have the desires but not the actions
I have the heart but not the manifestations
Interesting how when its good stuff-what is in your heart takes ages to eventually come out –
God please change me inside out!!
Out out-Empowerment!

04:16 PM
Tell me what you entertain yourself with and I’ll tell you who you are!

04:14 PM
Arab league, how about doing something for once!!!
Rant about Syria!

04:03 PM
I am not an animal
I do have animal instincts, because I am made of dust like the animals!
But unlike them I am also made from God! and in between I have a will !

04:02 PM
It’s not about those making millions
It’s about the millions trying to make it

03:54 PM
Nappy lies!!
Sometimes The lie is so deep that we have lost sight of the surface completely.
No more point of reference! So ,we explain a lie with lies !
I am thinking of us ,People with nappy-kinky- frizzy-Afro hair who spent their lives on creamy crack – weaves and wigs!
Since I went natural I have realized how self deceived I was
Don’t tell me its not that big deal -u know it is !Maybe you are not aware how deept rooted the lie is ! it’s deep deep!

03:16 PM
Please Lord at one 1 breakthrough this year, this month, please ease my pain! Like Job,Give me something to scratch my wounds with as I am sitting among ashes!

02:48 PM
However powerful it is ,What Moses experienced
Is inferior to what us born again can experience
Bill Johnson
Me, Me, use Me Jesus

01:42 PM
“People/Individuals come in different layers”.
So,Be a skillful “peeler”!
This one is an ‘easy to preach hard to practice’ for Vero.
I like to get to the “Core”No Foreplay!

01:23 PM
Not Everything is recorded in the bible.Details are specifically chosen -with God focusing on the core stories that will make it into HIS Story- (The Ultimate plan of Salvation)

01:15 PM
Don’t care how much you love what you doing / dream-job/hobby
U still gonna have to apply discipline, focus, sacrifices, to your craft
The ‘curse’ of Toiling is attached to every step of life-byt the curse i mean -it might get eaier but it will never be easy – There will always be ‘resistance

01:12 PM
Little people belittle people
Great people makes people feel great
Rick warren

12:52 PM
The tolerance/acceptance/excuse of some Sexual perversion has made extraordinarily strides! In the last few years
Just think of homosexuality being called an ” illness” less than 50 years ago. And it’s status now!


11:41 AM
Obama a masterful leader
Oprah CNN

09:29 AM
Church is Not for Unbelievers
Church is for Christians
Church is Christian
Be aware when u wanna be so relevant that you end up loosing the purpose of church-

09:20 AM
Our skills are always growing faster than our character
So Focus more on the latter- a gift can be given thru empoweremt over night or at birth
Character is daily carrying of the cross 🙂

05:49 AM
It took me longer to obey than to understand !

05:35 AM
When I got saved,the changes in me, my personality were the greatest evidence of Christ in me- but as the years went by- his gift in me got stronger- increasing in power while the changes in character got slower

05:00 AM
Woke up with this of my heart:
If a conviction is still strong after going thru delays, disappointments,Heartache, doubts, unbelief, challenges, people,negative influence ,years of waiting. But the conviction is always bouncing back stronger after going thru all those Extreme .
If AFter standing the test of time the conviction is still un-explainable peaceful
Then its from God ,You can take it to the bank of Heaven- its has been sealed for approval
It is of God
The Last promise standing waiting for fulfillment !


Woah , another prolific day , so much is goign thru our minds , and that’s not even really True reflective, is it ? You bet my ‘inners’ are for another blog – they would be too strong for this one ..;o)

Anyway,It’s was very quiet in the office today , went through old stuffs that I had written down before I decided to ‘diary’ them.


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