So Cain went out from the LORD’s presence and lived in the land of Nod, east of Eden.

  • ‘Went out from the Presence of God ‘, As we saw in Genesis 4:14, the being ‘cast out’ From God is probably the worse bit!
  • Can you Imagine a world without God , People often Complain,saying ‘Where is God ?’ So you think that there is too much suffering?! -If God was AWOL, this World would *1000000000000 worse!! We remain sadly clueless on how proactively involved God is in the ‘World affairs’,He is relentlessly protecting us, His kids and the others alike! Just Picture for a minute a World left to its own devices, a world ruled by only Satan, his demons and Men (his puppies..).Or for the Atheists, a world of men ruled by men!! Think Again!!We should not take for granted God’ unseen, unheard of ,un-thank for , favor towards Humanity! People have no clue that they are living on ‘Borrowed time ‘
  • So , Cain is going away but God is still there , He is not the one leaving/deserting/rejecting people.People are going away, and so is the Story of Humanity….
  • Cain being ‘sad-afraid’ to leave-This as well is a pattern of Men wanting God and their own ways as well -but the 2 cannot cohabit!
  • So it seems that The first Family, were still living in Eden,but not in the Garden. They were probably hanging around/near the Garden- thats why God protected it with Cherubim ( by the way -they could see those cherubim- mighty warriors – not the Ridiculous Valentines Chubby Babies).
  • Interesting Insights,that shows Faith as ‘to believe in the unseen’ was not much needed in those days! They could see God! Cain could see, thats probably why he believed at all ! The Faith that was needed was the ‘ Obedience Faith”,the one required in the Garden & at the Altar- The faith that trusts Gods commands/ principles/ laws to be for our good because HE is a Good God; to Obey Gods command simply because it is written, because HE, the Good God says so!The Common sense faith, in the light of all the good things God has already done, you know that he even though HE says “No” to something, it is certainly not coz HE doesn’t want the best for you! That was the “missing” Faith in Adam and Eve’s fall and Cain’s attitude

Notes of The Genesis study verse by verse- via Skype Vero & Manu

Online Commentaries :

  • Barnes’ Notes on the Bible :The presence of the Lord – seems to have been at the entrance of the garden where the cherubim were stationed. There, probably, the children of men still lingered in faith and hope before the Lord, whom they still regarded as their Maker and merciful Saviour. They acknowledged his undeserved goodness in the form of sacrifice.
  • Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible : And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord,…. Either from the place where the Lord was talking with him; or from the place where his glorious Majesty usually resided, where was some visible token of his presence, some stream of light and glory which showed him to be there.
  • Wesley’s Notes :Somewhere distant from the place were Adam and his religious family resided: distinguishing himself and his accursed generation from the holy seed; in the land of Nod – That is, of shaking or trembling, because of the continual restlessness of his spirit. Those that depart from God cannot find rest any where else. When Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, he never rested after.

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