“But the LORD said to him, “Not so; if anyone kills Cain, he will suffer vengeance seven times over.” Then the LORD put a mark on Cain so that no one who found him would kill him.

  • I like the :” No ,Not So..” such a strength, determination in God’s reply!
  • If Anyone”, what does that mean? By the time of the murder, had Adam and Eve have more kids? It’s not unlike the scriptures to leave out details to focus on the core! After all, if God had detailed everything ” there would not be enough books to contain the whole Seen and Unseen History of the world!
  • The number 7-Quite a special number throughout the bible .Reminding me of the movie 🙂
  • Why Did God ‘put a mark’? Why that mean of protecting Cain? My question is more why a “visible'”sign than why a ‘sign at all !It comes across quite ‘ fantasy-fictional’ for our God.But there is always a wise & core reason for Everything God allows to be recorded in the bible.— But that doesnt answer my question…;o)

Notes of The Genesis study verse by verse- via Skype Vero & Manu


  • Wikipedia : The Lord set a mark upon Cain – What this mark was, has given rise to a number of frivolously curious conjectures:
  1. Abravanel says the sign was Abel’s dog, which constantly accompanied him.
  2. Rabbi Joseph, wiser than all the rest, says it was a long horn growing out of his forehead!
  3. Also,according to scholars, early interpretations of the Bible in Syriac Christianity combined the “curse” with the “mark”, and interpreted the curse of Cain as black skin.Some argue that this may have originated from rabbinic texts, which interpreted a passage in the Book of Genesis (“And Cain was very wroth, and his countenance fell”) as implying that Cain underwent a permanent change in skin color.
  • Wesley’s Notes :What the mark was, God has not told us: therefore the conjectures of men are vain.
  • Clarke’s Commentary on the Bible: Most people who read this account wonder why Cain should dread being killed, when it does not appear to them that there were any inhabitants on the earth at that time besides himself and his parents. To correct this mistake, let it be observed that the death of Abel took place in the one hundred and twenty-eighth or one hundred and twenty-ninth year of the world. Now, “supposing Adam and Eve to have had no other sons than Cain and Abel in the year of the world one hundred and twenty-eight, yet as they had daughters married to these sons, their descendants would make a considerable figure on the earth….But this calculation may be disputed, because there is no evidence that the antediluvian patriarchs began to have children before they were sixty-five years of age…… would amount to one thousand two hundred and nineteen persons; a number sufficient to found several villages….
  • Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament Although Cain expressed not penitence, but fear of punishment, God displayed His long-suffering and gave him the promise,…God granted him continuance of life, not because banishment from the place of God’s presence was the greatest possible punishment, or because the preservation of the human race required at that time that the lives of individuals should be spared, – for God afterwards destroyed the whole human race, with the exception of one family, – but partly because the tares were to grow with the wheat, and sin develop itself to its utmost extent, partly also because from the very first God determined to take punishment into His own hands, and protect human life from the passion and wilfulness of human vengeance.

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