Orgasms of Life

The orgasms that you get from life’s treats ( Sex, Career, family,friendship, love,Relationships,Travels, House,Hobbies and the list goes on….),are nothing compared to the orgasms that you get from A Relationship with God.

God beats them all….

The Giver is 100% more fulfilling that anything He will ever give you..

There is no Higher High than the Most High!



  1. I’ve totally compared God to an orgasm before haha Finally, someone else says it too! You rock. God bless xo

  2. Hehe, I don’t mean Him ,being the orgasm, tho , I meant the things that He gives us, you know the highs of Life, blessings,stuffs that makes us happy etc..
    As for Him, it would still be hard to define as to how Good we feel when Worshiping Him,the best multiple orgasm would still be an understatement …;o)

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