2012: Make or Break !

A Prophetic Word given to me from God, almost 20yrs ago.A few months after I got saved.
2012 is gonna be a tough Year
I need to be prepared or I’ll fail
There is not one thing is my ‘environment that is happy’, nothing in the natural that I could lean upon in the meantime.Everything seems to be frozen, dead, delayed..
God has stripped me from every possible ‘clutches’
I do keep coming up with a few homemade ones every now and then, but they don’t last , and only brings sin and pain.
Now not only I am stripped but things ( sickness) are coming at me…
I can feel the pressure , the terrible weakness within me wants to take over..
It has been a few years now , that I have been struggling , but this year is very special, I have come to the end of my hope…
I am tired, drained, and feel completely Powerless…
So , God has given a few tools to weather the season, now its up to me to use them, and not go the rebellious way , like I have been so far…
  • My craft ( a fairly new hobby that God gave me to keep my hands busy)
  • My blog ( I have to keep it up – the decrease in my Spiritual strength can be traced to stopping blogging/abiding in His Word in August 2010- I need to Diligently Abide in Gods Word)
  • And the last;For a while God has been impressing on my heart to write and wall his Personal Prophetic words to me ( as above), I need to have them in front of me All the time…All the time…I need to claim them!( something I am not really good at doing)

His Word ( Bible) and His Words ( personal to me) is All I have to keep on ……

My approach this year is different,I am no giving any deadlines to God,No more ,if it doesn’t happen this year , I will not survive kinda of things….

No,this time, I’m trying to Focus on the giver of the Promise more than on the promises, then when ‘delays’ come, I will not crash out…

So, really His Words is my food, the only sustenance that I have to make it to the other side ..

That’s pure faith! God’s favorite!

Eat Now for the Journey ahead is Long…

So , here I am My Jesus , I going out of the boat,one more time, walking on water ,towards you….

Lord , I did/do/doing my part , Now your turn….

PS : ”

You can’t see it, but the last sentence says: ‘If you dont see it coming, keep on waiting…”


  1. meizi

    Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discourageous. for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.

  2. Thank you Meizi for your encouragement,love you :O)

  3. Esta

    Psalm 23:6
    Surely or only goodness, mercy, and unfailing love shall follow me all the days of my life, and through the length of my days the house of the Lord [and His presence] shall be my dwelling place.
    May you be encouraged in the Lord.:-)

  4. Thank you Esta, is that esta esta? lol

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