“And Cain said unto the LORD, My punishment is greater than I can bear”

  • How dare he ? Cain always seems to have this ‘So What?’ attitude whenever caught in sin!
  • Cain is so rotten its amazing, no remorse, never, ever, He just killed, but once again, refuses to be held accountable, to take responsibility for what he has done! This confident behavior in sinning, surely doesn’t deserve Gods attention!
  • But Our God is Full of compassion, he doesn’t give Cain what he really deserve , and will eventually ‘soften’ his sentence.
  • But,Why ?? Why is God being so ‘favorable with Cain.we know from reading the Whole Bible, that our God is compassionate and NEVER ,EVER give us what we deserve, it is always a matter of Grace , and will ALWAYS  be ,Everyone is saved by Grace! period! but, thats foundation ,that’s Baby Food!
  • Now we also know thru the writings that God does every now and then according to His sovereignty do give people what they deserve. The Bible is also full of examples of that , Even in the N-Testament there are enough ‘ IF’s” to make you -if possible-doubt your salvation  if you are not firmly established in His Love.
  • So why Cain,he surely deserved the worst! I believe that probably God wanted to protect the first Family, as far as we know there are only 4 of them, now 3( or maybe more according to some – but still probably not more than 10 ) . And surely the Devil was out to totally destroy what God had created, after Abel, if revenge was sought , maybe the whole Family would have been wiped out, and out with God ‘plan of redemption- End of the Game – Devil wins !
  • In this context ,we again see a God who is not absent , he is there , in the relationship , reaching out , proactive, one could once again think that God would not respond after such a tragic matter , but He is there .And Cain, again is so used to ‘seeing’ God ,hence the  confidence of his reply.
  • So would that mean for us that whatever we do God remain, when we are unfaithful ,he remains faithful? Was Cain a ‘type’ of christian? Was it just a matter of Grace?Shall we get inspired by his journey?
  • After being judged by God he still had the guts to complain about his sentence.Is it  a sign of God’s amazing grace- even in failure the relationship is intact??? Its indeed  obvious that there was a relationship/Interaction going on there ? But Just because God is still interacting with Cain,does that mean that they are in a ‘relationship’? Or maybe there is difference between ‘relationship’ and ‘Fellowship’?
  • Let’s not be fooled ! Its always abt Grace, as no humans ever get what they deserve.
    But in some contexts God doesn’t ” judge”  per say ” for fear” of ‘extinction’! Remember at Mount Sinai How He wanted to destroy all who sinned but Moses stopped him,but God said ‘ill get them later’ (I paraphrased).
    Also as seen with Gods dealings with Israel- he kept /keeping them because of his word/ promise and plan of redemption.
    Maybe God is in a relationship with all people- always reaching out – waiting for us to come into fellowship … Or sth  like that…:-)
  • Our God ,still blessing, favoring,not sentencing,being gracious doesn’t mean that whatever we do we are ‘right’ with Him, but it certainly means that HE IS . (Running from God creates exhaustion not distance- Gayle Brannan)
  • There is difference with a christian who sins and feel terrible about it -Being in Fellowship-The Holy Spirit is grieved.IE-David  he was self deceived for a while til God called him to repent and he did-didnt make excuses but recent!.That’s a man, not only  in a relationship but also in fellowship who went astray,fell, but got back up.A Major difference with a Cain Christian,who is quick to make excuses , with a “we are all humans -So What?” attitude!

Woah Never thought that  form such a short verse, we could get so much..;o)

Notes of The Genesis study verse by verse- via Skype Vero & Manu


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