The 10 commandments – The Movie

Lines that caught my attention while watching the movie:

  • Moses has Gods word-Pharaoh has spears
  • There is Beauty beyond the senses-Moses-
  • Ohlaa when the daughters of Midian found sleeping Moses in the bush by the cistern,very Happy they were:a Man,a Man, at last!!!
  • ….Until the metal is ready for the Maker’s hands!
  • I don’t know what power shapes my way but my feet are set upon a road I must follow – Moses-


  • “My lips can deny him but me eyes cannot!”Moses’mother being asked to deny being his mum!
  • “I kissed you to let you know what you wouldn’t have” Nefertiti told Ramsese while kissing him,as she wanted Moses instead

Too much romance so far…lol

  • “God made men-Men made slave “Joshua answering Moses about why His God is not allowing misery!
  • Thirsty Joshua told his girlfriend asking for a kiss:”Wait, Water before love”

Haha- too much romance in the 10 commandments!

  • “Marry her if you can Moses but never fall in love her” mother warning him abt falling 4 Pharaoh’daughter!-So Hollywood!!
  •   make a wish” gold or a man? I wAnt gold, if you have gold u can get any man” – talks in the Pharaonic court –



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