“And the LORD said unto Cain, Where is Abel thy brother? And he said, I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper?”

  • It’s amazing to see how God approaches Cain ( same way- with Adam and Eve) – He could have come with thunder, in all His Glory and Power, He could have come angry @ Cain, only one display of His Might could have made Cain tremble in fear,but No ! He comes gentle, soft spoken,tender,patient,ready to forgive, familiar,He came like a friend,simply speaking to him,He came with one question…..
  • As early as in Genesis we see that God is a God of relationship,Fellowship ,Interaction and Intimacy.
  • And in being so familiar, so ‘down to earth’ with Cain, Cain is allowed to be truly himself-The Interaction is amazing- God has lowered Himself to Humanity allowing Cain to feel so confident to the point of being insolent  in his reply.
  • Again God is the one asking questions.
  • He asks to “prompt”,our sincerity,bring us to acknowledge/own up, and eventually Repent!
  • God always give us room to Repent!
  • But once Again,Cain chose the way of sin, daring insolence in his reply.
  • With such a daring reply -Was Cain now so deep in darkness/deception -that he really didn’t think that God knew where Abel was! Was God closeness  so real ,that he took God’s friendship for granted?! ( don’t we All?)
  • Asking was once again God’s way of reaching out to Cain , to us…
  • “And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God,..”……
  • “Do not grieve the Holy Spirit”-The use of the word ” grieve” and not “anger’ reveals the Holy Spirit’s Love. ♥♥
  • Our God is truly the same Yesterday , Today and Forever…

Notes of The Genesis study verse by verse- via Skype Vero & Manu


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