A friend is someone who KNOWS the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words.



It’s very vital to have at least one True Friend who not just believes in you, but who believes you,people who actually know the ‘real’ you, not the one you maybe pretend to be most of the time ! When hard times comes- thats life!- you will not find yourselves stuck with people like Job’s wife( ungodly) and Job’s friend( clueless)! If you cant find any, stick to Jesus til He brings those in your life.

Right there, Job needed those, but his people failed tragically, they had good intentions sure, but were totally clueless about who their friends was.

They missed out on a life changing performance, the most vital Duet of their life! The Duet of True Friendship.




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  2. Meizi

    I like the bit that wait till God brings the friend to you, so there is no need to find one yourself by striving, I like this, very true!

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