Women=Emotionnal, Men=Intellectual? Says Who ?

People think of men being more ‘Intellectual’ and women being more ‘Emotional’ -It’s such a unfortunate caricature!!

Let’s put it this way,maybe the woman’s intellect is intimidating to men because the woman immediately connects it with Emotion and therefore there is a greater degree of coherence in her intellect with the felt-need.

Men like to amputate what should be the feeling on the base of what they ‘re thinking!

Especially when they are in trouble-if a man has messed up, he likes to break that connection between what is true in fact and what is to be reflected in feelings.

Women don’t do that !

That’s what makes a mother, a mother !

For Example :

A kid sitting down across a table and with a tear in her eyes, the mother will tell you whats really wrong with what is going on.

The father may try to ‘philosophize’ his ways through, the kid is not quite sure if this is bad as mum is making it out to be or as platonic’ as father is making it out to be!

EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is key to complementing IQ (intellectual Intelligence )

Ravi Zacharias


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