Man the highest form of life!

Order in creation:

  • God didn’t create man and then ask man to wait until He fixed the heavens and prepared the earth for him. On the contrary, after God fixed the heavens, prepared the earth, and made everything ready, man came into being. At the last, God created man. Man ranks as the last, but he was and still is the center.
  • Man is the maturity of all created life. Without man, there is no maturity.
  • Look at the grass. It is green and tender, but it is lacking in form, in appearance. It has no face. The herbs, including corn and wheat, are more developed in form. However, they also have no face. The trees are larger, bearing fruit as well as seeds; yet, none of them has a face with which to express itself. After these three levels of plant life, we have the fish, the first level of animal life. The fish does have a face with two small eyes, but its head is not clearly distinguished.
  • And a fish has no neck. The birds, however, have a distinct face and neck. They have eyes, ears, and a small mouth, somewhat closer to the face of man. The cattle, horses, and oxen have faces similar to a human face. Following the cattle, we have the beasts, especially the lion. The face of a lion closely resembles a human face. Although Darwin foolishly said that man is a descendent of the monkey, it is nevertheless true that the faces of some beasts resemble the face of man.
  • However, regardless of how much the faces of birds, cattle, beasts, eagles, oxen, and lambs resemble the face of man, they are not man. They are short and they are inferior. They are not the maturity of the created life…
  • The faces of the lion and the ox are much closer to man’s face. However, man’s face is supreme. Thus, the human life is the maturity of all created life, having the ability to express God and to exercise God’s dominion.

As the center of all this, we have man, expressing God and representing God. After God created man, He rested. He was satisfied.

Witness Lee


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