And The Spirit of God was ‘Brooding’ …….


OMG !!! Good translation is so key -check this out :

In the beginning created God the heavens and the earth;

and the earth was without form and empty,

and darkness on the face of the deep;

and the Spirit of God was broodingrachaph-on the face of the waters.

Strong’s Hebrew Dictionary tells us that Hebrew word rachaph translated as usually as “moved or hover” is actually “A primitive root; to brood;”


rachaph  (raw-khaf’)

to brood; by implication, to be relaxed — flutter, move, shake.

All who have just a little knowledge of animals knows that the brood hen does much more than just move/hover. She forms and lays the egg, protects and warms it until incubation, and then feeds and protects the chicks until they are mature enough to go it on their own. Therefore, it seems that to translate rachaph as “moved”, “hovering”, “fluttering” as most translators do is selling short the business of the Spirit of God over the surface.

We prefer the analogy of a brooding hen in that the Lord God created the “egg”, or all elements required to develop our miraculous universe, and guiding the development of our planet into a living ecosystem.

When the Bible first says something about the Spirit, it doesn’t say “the power of the Spirit,” “the might of the Spirit,” but it says that the “Spirit of God was brooding over the surface of the waters.” This means that He was preparing to generate life.

We need to recall our condition before we were saved. We were just waste and empty, our lives were meaningless, and we were covered with darkness. Within us was an abyss, a bottomless pit.

One day, some living One began to hover over us, to work within our heart, to brood upon the death and the deep within us. This was not something psychological or ethical, but the living One working within us, working so gently, lovingly, like a big hen brooding over the eggs in her nest. This is the brooding and the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit……

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  1. Lu

    To brood is so much better than to hover, it does makes more sense and it actually makes us even more connected to God. Uau amazing thought! Congrats!!!

  2. Peterson

    Am indeed grateful for your post. I pray God fills you with his wisdom for greater exploits.

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